Love Beer? How bout some Beer Crafts?

beer carrierEver wondered what to do when you have a bit too many of these after a party or a function ?

Well , I came across this rather awesome recycling idea from Design Sponge on what you can do with with your left over six pack beer carriers!! . Instead of throwing them into the bin bin…how about recycling your beer carrier into a sauce and napkin caddy which pretty cost nothing except your time?

Six pack caddy from Design  Sponge

Six pack caddy from Design Sponge

All you need to complete this project is (aside from clicking on this link):

empty cardboard six-pack holder
-decorative paper such as gift wrap or wallpaper
-rubber cement

If you are feeling a little more inspired after completing this DIY idea, and like to  do more with your leftover beer bottles and caps, you might find some  really cool craft ideas from Shawn Gascoyne – Bowman’s ” Beer Craft” book…who knew you could make bracelets out of  beer can tabs? Happy crafting and hump day! :) x NOtaHati

beer crafts

Photo Moment – Sunday down in my hood…

It’s been awhile I have been motivated to get up early enough to walk down by the beach behind my place on a Sunday morning. My usual excuse will be “its too cold” or the other one will..”I feel lazy”. But this morning was an exception as I had to get up and meet a friend for breakfast …and this was the view which greeted me as I walked down the beach. Yup..I am also back to sharing photo moments on my blog….

I am also on Instagram…you can find more of my photos by my username which is chasercloud. Here’s to a fruitful week ahead.

Helicopter, sun, sea, sand and sun seekers on a Sunday morning - photo by NotaHati

Helicopter, sun, sea, sand and sun seekers on a Sunday morning – photo by NotaHati

Springing back into Art…

It has been awhile since I have done an update. I almost forgot about this space  and had put down my crafty tools amongst the distractions of life in these few months..or longer than what is  a few months :).  No matter how distracted I feel…that is no denying the street art around Melbourne draws me away  from that …just for a few minutes and appreciate the talent behind the work where most times nobody don’t know who the artist is. What I love about street art around Melbourne (not to be mistaken for bad graffiti and useless tagging) is how spontaneous and honest they are and at times inspiring…and adding to Melbourne’s reputation as a city of arts.

Sharing some of the pictures I took during my moments of distractions :)…have a great weekend. Rachel@ NOtaHati

Artist at work in the lanes by Melbourne - photo by NotaHati

Artist at work in the lanes by Melbourne – photo by NotaHati

“Fun sitting up here” – photo by NotaHati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


“Through the specs of pictures”Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Forming art with fallen autumn leaves on water wall – Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati

DIY Colourful Garden Lanterns

Just as Melbourne  starting to be enveloped by the colder weather , the mercury dropping to the teens, I have been looking for warm, simple and colourful craft ideas to warm my heart and toes.

And I came across this, a simple , affordable craft idea with old jam/sauce bottles ,some crepe/tissue wrapping paper and Mod Podge from Henry Happened


Colourful Jar Candles from Henry Happened


I have already pinned this on my Pinterest profile ( on my craft board to remind me to get to working on this once I have completed my long list of outstanding craft projects. :)

I hope you have fun making this. Much love..x NOtaHAti@Rachel

Cupcake Chomper inspired by Feltique

It has been awhile since I picked up my felting needles. The downside about not needle felting for a period of time, I find I can loose some of my touch and become more vulnerable to the  pricks(ouch!) from sharp needles and any felting fan will tell you , it is  not so pleasant when there are 3-4 of them at a time (double ouch!)

So while I was back in KL in March for a friend’s wedding…well actually whenever I am in KL, I have a “must” routine within my first few days of settling back in. I must have my compulsory dose of local food,I must check out what is the latest in Asian cinema at the DVD store and I must go to Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC where I pore over their incredible  range craft and DIY books.

Each time I return to Kinokuniya in KL, it is without fail I will always find at least one or even more craft book which I don’t seem to come across in any of the local (ever decreasing) bookshops in Melbourne:(.

This time I found 2 books, one which is Feltique by Nikola Davidson and Brookelynn Morris


I highly recommend if you are looking for more ideas, techniques, projecs for felting and needle felting.  I already have 10 books on felting and consider this another great addition to my ever growing collection.

Their project ideas are fun to make, so fun that I made one last week, needing a break from my not so fun job-hunt activity. Its the Cupcake Chomper…

cupcake chomper

Cupcake Chomper (needle felted by nota hati)

Yup,that is my little purple Cupcake Chomper which I made and photographed with the teeny tiny cupcakes which I bought for tea(watching my weight!). It is fun to make and took me about  2 hours to complete…the tiny teeth and cupcake in the mouth was a bit of a challenge but worth the effort.

Happy felting…talk soon. xo NOtaHati

White Night!

It was a great night out in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, the city came alive with 80 different events at different venues around the city and the some of our monumental buildings were illuminated with lights on graphics and there were revellers all over the city. The estimated number  out and about that night was about 300,000 and of course I was there with Mr Man checking out the sights and sounds…and aside from very sore feet, I don’t think Melbourne could be any prettier!


At the start of White Night, looking on a runway show.

Some other shots taken amidst the crazy amount of people walking around the city and being petite in stature, getting the shots I wanted was quite tricky and not to mention frustrating! But it was a great night needless to say!:) X Rachel@ NOtaHati