DIY: How to ..put a metropolis in a bottle?

How time flies! And we are almost at the end of the 3rd quarter of the year…how time has flown scarily fast! No excuses for much update but aside from hibernating in this cold winter weather, I continue to be busy at work and not having much energy at the end of the day to write in this blog space or  to focus on making  much craft really…(and like what I have shared before, what frustrates me!).

I did find a craft idea which caught my attention over the weekend, if you are into terrariums, you might like this simple craft idea  shared on this link.

If you do not know who the presenter of this video is, his name is Wes Chan and he is one of the co founders of WongFu Productions, the other 2 co -founders are Phillip Wang and Ted Fu.  And together, they are known as Wong Fu Productions, I have been watching their short films and their other works on Youtube for awhile and thoroughly  enjoy their work.

Since their humble beginnings about 5-6  years ago, Wong Fu has become really popular through Youtube and their short films have been going viral, one of the wonderful stories of success.

If you haven’t seen of their work yet, I encourage you to, one of my personal favourite from their collection of short films is “These Four Walls”. I  think it is such a beautiful short  film shot in Italy , simple  and beautiful which  had no dialogue but spoke volumes.

Enjoy these videos and I hope you attempt the DIY idea..speak soon. X Rachel