Halloween Critters

It’s Halloween tomorrow night and if you are off to a party  and don’t want to give the kids  yet more sugar ..try these scary little friends , The Mummy and Meanie the Alley Cat, they may enjoy going trick or treating with you tomorrow night.

How cute are they? You can get both critters from The Source.

Hope you have a scary but interesting Halloween.:)


Accessorise with Cendrillon

Being an absolute  craft market buff, I went to Magnolia Square to see whether I could spot a certain something that would grab my attention. Amongst the beautiful wares displayed by local designers and crafters…I could not help but took an instant liking to these beautiful accessory pieces from Cendrillon (which also means Cinderalla in English)

I love bold coloured accessories there is where Cendrillon stands out for me!

A beautiful key-ring with hand painted face

But I would have to say my  personal favourite Cendrillon accessory is the porcelain- head dolly necklaces like the one below

If  you like bright colours as much as I do (because they are so happy!); you can now buy these beautiful accessories from Cendrillon and other leading French designers in Oz from so french so chic. Happy Friday! 🙂 So looking forward to it:)

Love , Nota Hati

Moya Delany

I became  a fan of Moya Delany’s work when I came across one of her beautiful creations in hat shop over a year ago and just absolutely love how she used mostly feathers to create her head-wear.

Beautiful for weddings

 Or going to the races…

(photo source : Moya Delany)

Simple, uncomplicated and yet fascinatingly elegant. Moya Delany’s style is definately uniquely one of a kind. More on Moya, click here.

Only one more day to the end of the work week.  Sweet sweet Friday here I come 🙂

Back from break…

Hello friends

I have been away, first on some soul searching lasting for a few  very tearful months where I had to make a vital decision to leave my last work place with a very heavy heart. In the years I have been “the hive”, I have meet some very good people and hopefully also made long-lasting friendships with some of them but I had to get out of a work environment which is becoming progressively toxic.

My last day at “the hive” also coincided with going back to Kay-EL (Kuala Lumpur) for a week followed by very busy catch-ups with friends and family, a few hectic days in Dubai (my first time!) before heading off to Europe ( my second time…yay!)

MM (Mr Man) and I were delighted  to  receive  a wedding invitation n Provence,  and thought it was the perfect excuse to head back to Europe (Italy & France)despite having to eat canned tuna and bread for lunch for weeks to recover our  expenses when we get back to Oz.

And of course, before we returned to rainy Melbourne, we stopped by in Lion City and spent a couple delightful days catching up with our expat friends living it up in sunny and humid Singapore.

As for food,  I never realised how good it felt to have a bowl of simple  food court “pan mee” for S$3.00 until after weeks of pasta, breads, rich expensive gourmet food,elaborate dining experiences… I started to almost yearn for something simple and light and not having to try to translate menus into English. It was like balm in form of food for my starving Asian soul 🙂

I will be sharing more of my photos from my travels and impromptu shots on this blog, starting with this camera-shy one of me, so my feet will represent the rest of me :). 

We were in  Castello Sforzesco, Milan during their summer and the grass was so green that my heart literally leaped with joy (considering how dry OZ can get). I had to roll in the grass despite the curious glances from the locals … they probably thought this Asian tourist must be absolute mad! Like I gave a hoot!

(my happy un-pedicured feet at Castello Sforzeca,Milan)

There is sunshine on my shoulder, a song in my heart and love surrounding me. I am blessed indeed!

Love, Nota Hati