Mini Folk Charm DIY Necklace

Tiny Family necklace

Tiny Family necklace

I absolute love this DIY idea, because it is a piece of craft which I would happily wear around my neck and in fact will attempt this craft idea and add to my range of home-made necklaces. This fantastic DIY idea is by  Cathe Holden and was shared on Makezine, another great website for craft ideas!:)

If you are looking for a touch of whimsical and quirkier DIY gift idea to make for your loved ones for Christmas, this would be a great idea!


Miniature corked glass vials, new or vintage ( like the ones below can be bought from Etsy)
Hole punch
Faux grass as used in scale models, or green craft felt
Super glue
Light blue ribbon, fabric, or paper
N scale model people
Eyehole head pins or tiny eyehole screws
Jump rings and a necklace chain


For the step by step for this gem of a DIY idea, please go to Makezine

Happy Crafting!.


DIY Gold Dipped Feathers

I love it when I find a great DIY craft idea, even when I don’t get the chance to make every great craft idea I come across but I love sharing it! 🙂

With Christmas just around the corner, I found this awesome Christmas accessory idea from Honestly WTF  to add to Christmas tree and affordable too!  If you have a some pretty feathers leftover from another craft project lying around, you will find that it is a good use of those  feathers and makes your tree look prettier too! For the full DIY tutorial , step by step…check Honestly WTF’s website.

Happy crafting! NOtahati x

Items needed for this craft project are:

  • pheasant feathers
  • gold spray paint
  • gold end caps
  • paper
  • tape
  • glue

featherornament6 featherornament2

Words Set in Stone – a divine DIY idea

Its going to be a long weekend…a glorious additional day off on Monday due to the Queen’s  Birthday  public holiday on Monday (woo-hoo)..some extra time to rest, reset and re-focus.

Today I found this…and made me smile, it could be the words or the idea but whatever it is ‘s found a way to my favourite Friday finds collection. A simple DIY idea from Love Them Madly, words you can set in stone ( and literally too). What a wonderful but simple idea. :). Have a great weekend. x NOta Hati@Rachel

words set in stone from Love Them Madly

DIY: Leather Lunch Tote

I bought a rotary punch hole last week from Cleggs in the city , not quite sure aside from using this equipment for a project which I had in mind to make for a friend who is expecting her first baby,  I could not think of any  other projects I could use this for (aside from punching extra holes in belts:))

But I found this fantastic tutorial  from Design Sponge for, not just any tote, a smart leather lunch tote which I am sure even a bloke wouldn’t mind carrying around, it can even be used to carry other items around aside from your lunch:) and owning a rotary punch will be handy if you want to attempt this DIY project.

Leather Lunch Tote: Design Sponge

See what I mean? rotary punch required to makes holes in  the leather so that side- flaps can sewn on (see picture below this)

Depending what colour leather you use, it can be rather masculine or feminine tote, the one on the tutorial in tan leather seems pretty good. Inspired? Go to the tutorial, (click  on tutorial ) I never tried working with leather before…this is one project definitely worth giving a go, more so if you have done leather work before.

Classy way of carrying your lunch.:Design Sponge

So much nicer than carrying your lunch in a plastic container and carrier bag…don’t you think?

Have a good crafty week ahead. 🙂 xo Rachel @NotaHati