Love Beer? How bout some Beer Crafts?

beer carrierEver wondered what to do when you have a bit too many of these after a party or a function ?

Well , I came across this rather awesome recycling idea from Design Sponge on what you can do with with your left over six pack beer carriers!! . Instead of throwing them into the bin bin…how about recycling your beer carrier into a sauce and napkin caddy which pretty cost nothing except your time?

Six pack caddy from Design  Sponge

Six pack caddy from Design Sponge

All you need to complete this project is (aside from clicking on this link):

empty cardboard six-pack holder
-decorative paper such as gift wrap or wallpaper
-rubber cement

If you are feeling a little more inspired after completing this DIY idea, and like to  do more with your leftover beer bottles and caps, you might find some  really cool craft ideas from Shawn Gascoyne – Bowman’s ” Beer Craft” book…who knew you could make bracelets out of  beer can tabs? Happy crafting and hump day! 🙂 x NOtaHati

beer crafts


Photo moment#2

Photo moment#2

Uninhibited is the word which comes to mind whenever I step into my friend’s art studio,Andrew’s dark sense of art plays with your imagination and gives you the freedom to interpret what you think his art says..gently suggesting a story behind each piece of work.