DIY Gold Dipped Feathers

I love it when I find a great DIY craft idea, even when I don’t get the chance to make every great craft idea I come across but I love sharing it! ūüôā

With Christmas just around the corner, I¬†found this awesome Christmas accessory idea from Honestly WTF ¬†to add to Christmas tree and affordable too!¬†¬†If you have a some pretty feathers leftover from another craft project lying around, you will find that it is a good use of¬†those¬† feathers and makes your tree look prettier too! For the full DIY tutorial , step by step…check Honestly WTF’s website.

Happy crafting! NOtahati x

Items needed for this craft project are:

  • pheasant feathers
  • gold spray paint
  • gold end caps
  • paper
  • tape
  • glue

featherornament6 featherornament2


Love Beer? How bout some Beer Crafts?

beer carrierEver wondered what to do when you have a bit too many of these after a party or a function ?

Well , I came across this rather awesome recycling idea from Design Sponge on what you can do with with your left over six pack beer carriers!! . Instead of throwing them into the bin bin…how about recycling your beer carrier into a sauce and napkin caddy which pretty cost nothing except your time?

Six pack caddy from Design  Sponge

Six pack caddy from Design Sponge

All you need to complete this project is (aside from clicking on this link):

empty cardboard six-pack holder
-decorative paper such as gift wrap or wallpaper
-rubber cement

If you are feeling a little more inspired after completing this DIY idea, and like to¬† do more with your leftover beer bottles and caps, you might find some¬† really cool craft ideas from Shawn Gascoyne – Bowman’s ” Beer Craft” book…who knew you could make bracelets out of¬† beer can tabs? Happy crafting and hump day! ūüôā x NOtaHati

beer crafts

Photo Moment – Sunday down in my hood…

It’s been awhile I have been motivated to get up early enough to walk down by the beach behind my place on a Sunday morning. My usual excuse will be “its too cold” or the other one will..”I feel lazy”. But this morning was an exception as I had to get up and meet a friend for breakfast …and this was the view which greeted me as I walked down the beach. Yup..I am also back to sharing photo moments on my blog….

I am also on Instagram…you can find more of my photos by my username which is chasercloud. Here’s to a fruitful week ahead.

Helicopter, sun, sea, sand and sun seekers on a Sunday morning - photo by NotaHati

Helicopter, sun, sea, sand and sun seekers on a Sunday morning – photo by NotaHati

Springing back into Art…

It has been awhile since I have done an update. I almost forgot about this space¬† and had put down my crafty tools amongst the distractions of life in these few months..or longer than what is¬† a few months :).¬† No matter how distracted I feel…that is no denying the street art around Melbourne draws me away¬† from that …just for a few minutes and appreciate the talent behind the work where most times nobody don’t know who the artist is. What I love about street art around Melbourne (not to be mistaken for bad graffiti and useless tagging) is how spontaneous and honest they are and at times inspiring…and adding to Melbourne’s reputation as a city of arts.

Sharing some of the pictures I took during my moments of distractions :)…have a great weekend. Rachel@ NOtaHati

Artist at work in the lanes by Melbourne - photo by NotaHati

Artist at work in the lanes by Melbourne – photo by NotaHati

“Fun sitting up here” – photo by NotaHati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


“Through the specs of pictures”Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati


Forming art with fallen autumn leaves on water wall – Melbourne Street Art – photo by notahati

Akira Yoshizawa: what I did not know about Origami…

If you had clicked on Google today,  like myself and the millions of people out there, you would have noticed their interesting image today, which is this:

I was curious enough to click on the Google  icon today because I liked the origami styled words  and I am glad I did because I learnt a little more about Akira Yoshizawa (1911-2005) who was considered to be the grandmaster of origami.   Akira Yoshizawa is  still highly revered in Japan and worldwide  for his contribution in raising origami to living arts and today, 14 March was his birthday.

Akira Yoshizawa contributed vastly to art of origami once considered as¬† childrens’ craft to pass time turning it¬† into figurative art, now embraced by so many nowadays and yet I wonder how many of us knew of Akira Yoshizawa?

Before learning of this today, I have not even heard of Akira Yoshizawa and  his amazing passion for origami .Like many out there, I just took origami as it is without thinking too much about how much history there is behind origami, the art of folding . But today, my perspective has changed because of this one man and the impact he had on this art form.

I personally find origami to be one craft which perplexes me because my limited amount of patience but undeniably,it is one beautiful craft which is portable, easy to learn even when sitting on your own couch and in your own time!:)

Akira Yoshizawa

Akira Yoshizawa was so dedicated to his art that he left his full-time occupation as a technical draftsman to pursue origami and due to this dedication, he lived in poverty for 20 years, earning money by selling preserved fish door to door ( now that is real passion!)

His   passion paid off because at the end of 1951, a Japanese magazine commissioned him to fold the 12 signs of the Japanese zodiac to illustrate its January 1952 issue.

The work raised his  reputation, leading to exhibitions in Japan and, in 1955, a show at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

I am so glad there was once a man who loved creating art through folding using his understanding of geomatry, because without Akira Yoshizawa, origami would not be where it is today.

Monkey by A.Yoshizawa

To read more about Akira Yoshizawa, please click on the following links:

The New York Times and Akira Yoshizawa Origami Biography

Elephant: A Yoshizawa

At the moment, still really busy at work and not having enough energy at the end of the¬† day to work on my own craft..(sigh such is the life of a desk-jockey). I hope today’s sharing makes up for the lack of the crafting . xoRachel@NotaHati

Leoni and Vonk

During my teenaged years I used to have a fascination about lockets , probably stemmed from reading too many romantic stories about separated lovers and forbidden love and how a locket could sometimes bring¬† happy reconciliation…or maybe not..-_-

Anyways…to commemorate¬†NGV’s 150th annivesary (Happy Birthday NGV) this year and also to celebrate the current art exhibition in town, Leoni & Vonk has designed a gorgeous locket which I would call “Klimt inspired”. If you are admirer of Gustav Klimt’s work, then you might want to be the proud owner of this locket.

Klimt Locket..who said that lockets were out of fashion?

Fashionable style

It’s¬† only Monday, I hope I helped you with your “beauty fix”..have a good work week whether at home or in the office.

Had been busy the last few days¬† during whatever spare time I got, Foxy Red¬†¬†wil be l having a critter friends over ¬†to celebrate a very significant occassion in August, and I am helping to organise this …
Talk later X NoTa hAti