New Year Resolutions…what is that?

(that is me in the park )

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully your year started with a positive bang and that you did not have too much of a hangover the next day.  We played it little more low key this year comparing to NYE 2010 when we went to the Eureka Sky deck in our finest.

I woke up yesterday morning asking myself what will my resolutions be for this year? Make a decent effort to save money?Be more positive?Eat  healthily??? And the list can go  on and on and I am sure I am not on my own where we all want to start our year with our best foot out with the hope that 2011 will even be a better one than the last (especially for some of us who had a couple of hard knocks in 2010). I had my share of downs in 2010 which caused almost 2 months of mild depression

This year, I don’t really want to resolute to any new year resolutions because  for me ( and this is only for me and may not apply to you...) I find whenever I make resolution, the chances of me keeping to it  is pretty low and therefore I think this year, I am choosing not to make any conscious resolution to do a certain something or be a certain way as usually  listed on a piece of paper or page of a notebook which I will probably forget or loose during the year

Instead I am going listen to my gut and heart and do the thing the person in me wants to do or be the person that my heart feels I should be. Sounds crazy? (I never claim to be normal anyway).

I find in the past years, trying to keep resolutions and feeling like a complete failure at the end of the year has done little good for my esteem, therefore this year I have decided to be a little kinder to myself (there is a difference between being kind to self and indulging myself…I just thought I make that clear) and hope to feel less of a loser at the end of this year!

However one thing I do want to promise myself for this year and the many years to come is that I will continue to embrace new experiences and try not to let my jaded self stop me from forming deeper relationships with the friends and family in my life .

Life is too short to harbour bitterness, and that is one personal mantra I will try to carry in my heart in this year and the years to come.

Here we go again…the new year starts, let’s brace ourselves and pray that it will be better year for you and me. I pray that your new year will be filled with love, kindness and blessings and most importantly good health all year round.

I will be posting my finds of beautiful things in a couple of days.