Musings on a gloomy winter’s night

I am sort of back but  I am still of  dealing with another major crossroad in my life.

However I started to miss updating this blog with my finds on pretty things and I love talking about pretty things.

Like the other day, while I was walking past  this little hedge near my office entrance I found beautiful little flowers within the hedge

Which cheered me up straight away.

Couple of pictures which I took in the last few months which I hope will brighten up your day as much it did mine when I took these few snapshots.Wild field flower taken in April during the warmer autumn days

(all photos by NotaHati)

Lastly on this  cold winter’s night, I leave you with this photo of late harvest and I will be writing about my next favourite pick in a couple of days.

Love XX



Won’t be updating as much until I sort some of  sh*t out (pardon my french). It has been a few hard couple of weeks and considering my state of mind, I haven’t been as inspired.

Took this picture a couple of years on  the way down to Great Ocean Road,had a few restful days . Stayed with a couple of friends at their beach house, it was so nice to be near nature and be woken up by the early calls of wild rosellas.

Please keep coming  back to my page to check for updates,will be missing you.


Nota Hati