Leoni and Vonk

During my teenaged years I used to have a fascination about lockets , probably stemmed from reading too many romantic stories about separated lovers and forbidden love and how a locket could sometimes bring  happy reconciliation…or maybe not..-_-

Anyways…to commemorate NGV’s 150th annivesary (Happy Birthday NGV) this year and also to celebrate the current art exhibition in town, Leoni & Vonk has designed a gorgeous locket which I would call “Klimt inspired”. If you are admirer of Gustav Klimt’s work, then you might want to be the proud owner of this locket.

Klimt Locket..who said that lockets were out of fashion?

Fashionable style

It’s  only Monday, I hope I helped you with your “beauty fix”..have a good work week whether at home or in the office.

Had been busy the last few days  during whatever spare time I got, Foxy Red  wil be l having a critter friends over  to celebrate a very significant occassion in August, and I am helping to organise this …
Talk later X NoTa hAti

Meet Foxy Red

Meet Foxy Red, took this picture with my crappy mobile phone camera   this morning rather hastily as wanted to post this picture for the friend whom I made Foxy for.

Foxy was made over the last 2 nights after dinner and  watching TV at the same time which is not a smart thing to do but I was impatient to complete this little fella.  (not recommended as felting needles are rather sharp!)

Foxy Red comes to town

I made Foxy using the dry needle felting method and I was inspired by the other  rather cute critters designed by Jenn Docherty. Check  her gallery of adorable critters dressed into  little cute outfits.

Jenn also has a book called Sweet Needle Felts, and if you are like me who has recently got hooked on dry needle felting because you can create such beautiful crafts, you should get her book for more ideas.

Another book which I really enjoyed flipping through and learned some pretty awesome techniques is I Felt Awesome by Moxie.

I am having so much fun dry felting at the moment but will be coming up with craftwork  using wet felting technique as well. Happy Felting!

x NoTa hAti 🙂

Talking about love…

With lots of love

Found these beautiful milk bottles/ vases in a beautiful local shop located in South Melbourne called Southwood.I love to wander into Southwood for a bit of “beauty therapy” after brunch at a local cafe on a lazy Sunday afternoon because they always have such lovely homewares and mostly locally made . A great way to support local designers and their businesses if you are looking for a custom-made shelf or entertainment unit for that new home or corner wall which still seem to lack a certain something.

Speaking of local designers, Melbourne Design Market 2011 is back this Sunday, July 24th 2011. Go check it out, it will be buzzing and plentyto see, and I am sure you will find a couple of treasures to take home, I will definitely be there finding beautiful things is one of my pleasures!

See you there

x NOtaHaTi

Winter Hype!!!..no, not quite


Its been a while since I did an update in this space. I wish I could find a better excuse  except…

-_- (emoticon for a bland expression)

It is smack in the middle of winter here in  chilly Melbourne and I feel a bit like a snowbound dog (like in the picture shared) but despite being on hibernation mode, I have been a busy bee scouring through newly acquired craft books and experimenting with a few craft ideas.

So in between learning the art of dry felting , cold porcelain doll-making,being a corporate slave to pay the bills,organising  home life and a little play…there hasn’t been much time. But. I will find time again as Ihave missed the space which was started as a form of therapy for me.

 I have found some pretty fine things to share about and as you will know life is about the good stuff in life!   I am also working towards to make this space a prettier one so you would want to come back more. Till then..back to the grind as I shouldn’t really be writing this during my work hours..he he.

Take care

x Nota Hati