Samantha Robinson ‘s Porcelain Beauties


I love to look at pretty things and if it is possible  I would love to own as many pretty things as long my hip pocket and living space will allow me.

Like the beautiful porcelain tea-cups  above designed by Samantha Robinson which I would drink  my nightly cup of lavender tea out of.

Another pretty item that I would add to my  ceramics and pottery collection, would be a Samantha Robinson’s bowl which I could put my fruits in.

I recently found some of Samantha’s ware sold at Wilkins & Kent a hip furniture designer store near Hardware Lane in the city.

Unfortunately for me,I can’t justify purchasing any more pretty things at the moment due to an upcoming holiday in August and I am looking forward to frolicking under European summer sun while drinking lots of good wine and champagne.

However if you are after one of Samantha’s porcelain beauties,  Wilkins and Kent sells some of her work  in their stores.

Samantha has a  stall set-up at the  Paddington Markets every Saturday  or you could visit her shop, Tea Petal in Bondi to acquire one of her handmade porcelain pieces. Are you tempted? XX

(photo source:Samantha Robinson)


DIY Needle Pad

For my birthday this year, I requested  for a Janome 625E Sewist and was granted one to my delight. Such a change for me as I usually sew by hand and the first thing I  made is  what I call a “needle pad” which I stick my needles in when I am not using them and also a little pocket  sewn to store my threader.A self – organisation idea which I modified from another craft idea I saw recently.

So on the front I’ve sewn my collection of Japanese fabric on a piece of calico cloth.

See how it looks like a purse in front?

After sewing the front of the “needle-pad”  with the different fabrics,I folded the fabric into half and sewed on the pocket on the inside like this

Completed  with another piece of nice Japanese fabric on the side seam.

Pretty pleased with the outcome, at least I have something pretty to stick my needles in and don’t have to look as hard for my threader each time!

Happy Sunday!


Gone to Stationery Heaven

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, that one of my weaknesses is beautiful stationery and my latest favourite item from the stationery world is designer sticky tape  like the one below…makes wrapping stuff  much more beautiful and fun!Why should tape come merely in drab brown or clear plastic?I found this item from NoteMaker and they have many more beautiful  goodies which you can use for your craft projects like their latest range of rubber stamps

Write  a love or saucy message for  your other half on a beautiful designed sticky note like the one below

Another personal favourite from NoteMaker, where you can literally send a message in a bottle to loved one, the O-Check Message Bottle.

Chimney House Shoes,the ideal slipper

(photosource:Chimney Shoes)

Love the colours?

Chimney House Shoes is the brainchild of  Miranda Bourke who one day mused on why are house slippers are so ugly?Her desire to have nice stylish and comfortable house slippers set her off around the globe gathering inspirations  to create the perfect pair of slippers – super quiet, comfy and flexible but most importantly, attractive.

I especially like the bright yellow pair. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.XX Nota Hati

Dairing Stylish Knits

Stylish,edgy and definitely very fashionable is what comes to mind when you look at Dairing‘s collection of hand made knits and jewellery.  Teresa Dair’s ability to combine beautiful texture and colours makes her garments and jewellery unique, great to look at and fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

And great timing too now being the Autumn/Winter season.

(photosource from Dairing)

Teresa also has a shop in Richmond which you can visit to either buy hand-made knits and jewellery, order unique yarn or organise to enroll in to one of her classes.

I am thinking of enrolling into her felting classes, I always wanted to know how to..won’t you join me?


Day Out at Red Hill

Today was a busy day at the Red Hill Market especially for first-time visitor like me. Although I have been living here over 6 years now, I have never visited this market and I was very excited at the idea of sampling local fresh produce and discovering craft designers or craft ideas.

Here is a snippet of photos on how our day went. And may I add it was a very cold autumn morning.

(all photos by Nota Hati)

sampled the famous Red Hill Mud Cake

this busker was singing classic local Aussie folk songs and nursery song accompanied by his drumming koala (yes this wonder koala actually taps the drums in rhythm

after  walking for hours at the Red Hill Market , we finally left and went to one of my favourite wineries for lunch

The weather was still chilly despite the sun finally came out, good thing I had my Tightology leg-wear  on.

We ended the day by visiting another winery, I wandered around the grounds and stood under this tree. Green turning to yellow and brown against the clear blue skies.

I had a lovely day.