Day Out at Red Hill

Today was a busy day at the Red Hill Market especially for first-time visitor like me. Although I have been living here over 6 years now, I have never visited this market and I was very excited at the idea of sampling local fresh produce and discovering craft designers or craft ideas.

Here is a snippet of photos on how our day went. And may I add it was a very cold autumn morning.

(all photos by Nota Hati)

sampled the famous Red Hill Mud Cake

this busker was singing classic local Aussie folk songs and nursery song accompanied by his drumming koala (yes this wonder koala actually taps the drums in rhythm

after  walking for hours at the Red Hill Market , we finally left and went to one of my favourite wineries for lunch

The weather was still chilly despite the sun finally came out, good thing I had my Tightology leg-wear  on.

We ended the day by visiting another winery, I wandered around the grounds and stood under this tree. Green turning to yellow and brown against the clear blue skies.

I had a lovely day.



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