Samantha Robinson ‘s Porcelain Beauties


I love to look at pretty things and if it is possible  I would love to own as many pretty things as long my hip pocket and living space will allow me.

Like the beautiful porcelain tea-cups  above designed by Samantha Robinson which I would drink  my nightly cup of lavender tea out of.

Another pretty item that I would add to my  ceramics and pottery collection, would be a Samantha Robinson’s bowl which I could put my fruits in.

I recently found some of Samantha’s ware sold at Wilkins & Kent a hip furniture designer store near Hardware Lane in the city.

Unfortunately for me,I can’t justify purchasing any more pretty things at the moment due to an upcoming holiday in August and I am looking forward to frolicking under European summer sun while drinking lots of good wine and champagne.

However if you are after one of Samantha’s porcelain beauties,  Wilkins and Kent sells some of her work  in their stores.

Samantha has a  stall set-up at the  Paddington Markets every Saturday  or you could visit her shop, Tea Petal in Bondi to acquire one of her handmade porcelain pieces. Are you tempted? XX

(photo source:Samantha Robinson)


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