Tightology, Fashion for Legs

I love autumn for so many reasons,an obvious one is how the colours of leaves change  from green to red,yellow and brown before they fall of the trees as it gets colder.

(photo by Nota Hati)

I love the  nip of cold air as you walk around, so crisp and fresh that it makes me think of fresh lettuce and Granny Smith apples…I know..where is the connection?

And let’s not forget comfort food like risotto and hearty soups coupled up with a glass (or a couple) of delicious red wine.

But what I love most about the autumn/winter fashion (being the girl that  I am) is mixing my many scarves and hats to match an outfit for that extra “oomph”. (I do love beautiful scarves and wraps..which I will talk about another time) .

My most recent autumn fashion find is Tightology’s unique collection of contemporary printed legwear, designed with the environment in mind. I bought a pair recently and found them absolutely comfortable to wear.

(Photo source:Tightology)

Made in organic cotton which is so comfortable to wear with printed designs that range from floral, botanical designs for adult and cute  cupcake designs for kiddies. Tightology’s legwear will definitely keeps your legs a lot warmer and fashionable in this cold weather!

Happy autumn everyone, keep yourselves warm 🙂

Charis, Nota Hati


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