DIY Needle Pad

For my birthday this year, I requested  for a Janome 625E Sewist and was granted one to my delight. Such a change for me as I usually sew by hand and the first thing I  made is  what I call a “needle pad” which I stick my needles in when I am not using them and also a little pocket  sewn to store my threader.A self – organisation idea which I modified from another craft idea I saw recently.

So on the front I’ve sewn my collection of Japanese fabric on a piece of calico cloth.

See how it looks like a purse in front?

After sewing the front of the “needle-pad”  with the different fabrics,I folded the fabric into half and sewed on the pocket on the inside like this

Completed  with another piece of nice Japanese fabric on the side seam.

Pretty pleased with the outcome, at least I have something pretty to stick my needles in and don’t have to look as hard for my threader each time!

Happy Sunday!



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