Love AJ

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun

And find your shoulders to light on

To bring  you luck, happiness and success

Today, tomorrow and beyond

≈Irish Blessing≈

(photo source: Love AJ)

Any of Love AJ’s  beautiful artwork will definitely light up a living space made in different types of paper,vintage kimonos and saris like the framed butterflies above which  you can imagine hanging in a study or a bedroom .

Not limited to just butterflies, I love her  delicate dragonfly design too and she has many more…

(photosource: Love AJ)

The talented artist  behind LoveAJ is Amber  and she shares her story which you can read about and her donations to Chrohns and Colistis Australia (CCA).

Love AJ specialises in  custom orders , each piece completely hand-made. If you looking for a present or an art-piece with a unique touch, think LoveAJ.

Looking forward to the weekend now…only one more day.



Skinfood for beautiful you, think Bod

I love my hot showers  at the end of the day when I feel as if every tension in my body is washed down into the drain along with the soapy water especially after a hard day of work.

But hot water is known to dry our skin and  so does Melbourne weather especially during the current cold weather which we are experiencing that I started using Bod’s Organic Sandalwood Blend Body Oil to moisturise my body.


I love how I smell after rubbing the oil unto my dehydrated body and how smooth my skin feels after applying the oil.

What I do like most about Bod’s is their philosophy of using both natural and botanical based ingredients in their range which suits my personal philosophy. Although I have not tried the rest of their range, the body oil is definitely my personal favourite pick!

If you haven’t use Bod’s products yet, I would recommend that you start with the Body Oil, you really do feel like you just had a personal message session in the privacy of your home. And by the way you can also sprinkle the body oil in your running bath.

ps: one more thing, you don’t have to worry about having to find a shop that sells these products, you can get them on-line. I hope you enjoy Bod as much as I do.

(Disclaimer: just in case if you are wondering whether I get paid to promote this product, at the moment I am not but it is a personal favourite pick which i love sharing with u)

Make Me Iconic

I was invited  to a house-warming party a month ago and was racking my brain on what to buy for  a couple who will be  living together for the first time.

It is always a challenge buying present for couples who just moved in together,as I usually make the safe assumption that there will be a double up of certain things(ie two toasters, irons, blenders and etc) and yet, I did not want to turn up with the cliche gift of a bottle of wine (shows the lack of thought).

So when I heard that  Magnolia Square was in town, I decided to check it out and after wandering through the many stalls, to my relief found the perfect house-warming present which I thought was a little different and also so Melbourne!

(all photosource from make me iconic)

Little  skipping Audrey, a favourite Melbourne icon on a mug with a brief explanation about her on the back.

Make Me Iconic is a brand new company that is taking an entirely new tact on designer home wares which will enable you to literally have the icons of Melbourne in your home. Such as  the tram network on your cushions

or have the Hook Turn on your tea towel

I am drinking out of my Audrey mug at the moment, why not bring that bit of Melbourne to your home too.


Poppies for Grace

Whenever I have a little time to myself on weekends, I like to wander around the trendy streets of Melbourne and the different suburbs and make little discoveries which gives me material to write on this space.

One of my favourite haunts is Handwork Nouveau Paperie because they sell awesome cards,papers, beautiful stationery and what-nots which is  enough to brings the craft sense out of you and wonderful gift ideas too. (aside from the fact I have a “thing” about beautiful stationery).

Today I found this cute lolly bag, (great idea for parties!) designed and created by Poppies for Grace

(photo source:Poppies for Grace)

Not only limited to lolly bags, Poppies for Grace designs beautiful invitations for parties and other many happy occasions….

and wedding stationery…

and many more

(all photo source: Poppies for Grace)

Got a card or invite to send out?

Have a happy extended weekend! ..Nota Hati

Tightology, Fashion for Legs

I love autumn for so many reasons,an obvious one is how the colours of leaves change  from green to red,yellow and brown before they fall of the trees as it gets colder.

(photo by Nota Hati)

I love the  nip of cold air as you walk around, so crisp and fresh that it makes me think of fresh lettuce and Granny Smith apples…I know..where is the connection?

And let’s not forget comfort food like risotto and hearty soups coupled up with a glass (or a couple) of delicious red wine.

But what I love most about the autumn/winter fashion (being the girl that  I am) is mixing my many scarves and hats to match an outfit for that extra “oomph”. (I do love beautiful scarves and wraps..which I will talk about another time) .

My most recent autumn fashion find is Tightology’s unique collection of contemporary printed legwear, designed with the environment in mind. I bought a pair recently and found them absolutely comfortable to wear.

(Photo source:Tightology)

Made in organic cotton which is so comfortable to wear with printed designs that range from floral, botanical designs for adult and cute  cupcake designs for kiddies. Tightology’s legwear will definitely keeps your legs a lot warmer and fashionable in this cold weather!

Happy autumn everyone, keep yourselves warm 🙂

Charis, Nota Hati

The Thing About Spooning…

I love to spoon in bed especially on cold nights and early mornings with my significant other and enjoying  the sensation of intimacy between us and if the mood becomes heightens  spooning becomes more than that….:)..(but we won’t get into that right now.

If I asked you what The  Spooning Society   is, will you think that it is a society for people who like to spoon and if you are a non-spooning sort of person, then it is not for you?

When I first  read about Spooning Society, I was intrigued  to learn that it is a new jewellery line started by two Australian artisans who takes vintage and commemorative spoons harvested from nannas and collectors around the globe (like the ones below) and converts them from thisinto quirky accessories like this:

The above piece is made of antique finish, mixed metal and silver-plated charm link bracelets with enamel and/or resin detail, with a magnetic filigree style clasp.

I probably have a few of those souvenir spoons just like this stashed in my bottom kitchen drawers given by friends or family member as mementos from holidays which I always thought were ugly and redundant BUT who would have thought they could accessories with spoons? The Spooning Society definitely has something stirring for them. Tea anyone?

While we are still on  topic of spooning, I found this funny on-line article on the different sleeping positions of couples and how you sleep in bed with your partner could tell whether relationships are going uphill or downhill.

Happy reading and hope you have a great work week ahead.


Nota Hati


A recent trip away to Sydney on Easter Saturday, we ventured to the local Oxford Street area where I came across this quaint little shop called LazyBones.  And I understood why when I tried on of their pajamas. Beautiful vintage inspired fabric and in the softest cotton which you could just even lounge in at home.Aside from aside gorgeous sleepwear for homebodies like me,there is homewares and girl’s clothing .