Sex After Kids…by IndieGogo (too funny not to share!)

Hi All

I hope I have been missed by some of you …but my silence is unfortunately not because I have gone to craft haven or been busy creating :(. I have been inundated with personal obligations of all kind and trying to keep my energy level at an acceptable rate too so that I am not rocking up into my desk-jockey role too¬† zombified (which happens anyway due to the mind-numbing processes I deal with everyday!)

Gee! I am a ray of sunshine today aren’t I -__-.

Anyways I just thought I share something I came across today which is on the creative indie film-making front shared by a friend living in Singapore (thank you Des) from Indiegogo located in Canada. Honestly I haven’t heard of them until today but at the end of this short film (Sex After Kids) , there is a given green light to blog about this, so that is why I am sharing this with you and hopefully you will be entertained just as much as I have been (although I am not a parent but I hear enough of some the laments from my friends who are parents of young children) ūüôā

I have a few tresure finds to share about..I will be back very soon with them. On the Daisy Doll Challenge front, unfortunately the March one will be fashionably late (damn you obligations!!!). Enjoy xo


Cart Before The House

When I am feeling a little uninspired or needing that extra inspiration,there are a few websites that I love going into, and one of my favourite websites  to get some inspiration is Pinterest.

Two days ago while perusing Pinterest, I discovered the most beautifully made crafted folk artsy  cloth- dolls designed  by a husband and wife team (Dylan and Jo) from Oregon from their websiteCart Before The Horse.

I have compiled some of my favourites from their range of  creations. So lovely, some of their dolls remind me of the characters that I used to read about in storybooks and I hope to buy of these lovely dolls from their Etsy shop.:) xo Rachel@Nota Hati

Akira Yoshizawa: what I did not know about Origami…

If you had clicked on Google today,  like myself and the millions of people out there, you would have noticed their interesting image today, which is this:

I was curious enough to click on the Google  icon today because I liked the origami styled words  and I am glad I did because I learnt a little more about Akira Yoshizawa (1911-2005) who was considered to be the grandmaster of origami.   Akira Yoshizawa is  still highly revered in Japan and worldwide  for his contribution in raising origami to living arts and today, 14 March was his birthday.

Akira Yoshizawa contributed vastly to art of origami once considered as¬† childrens’ craft to pass time turning it¬† into figurative art, now embraced by so many nowadays and yet I wonder how many of us knew of Akira Yoshizawa?

Before learning of this today, I have not even heard of Akira Yoshizawa and  his amazing passion for origami .Like many out there, I just took origami as it is without thinking too much about how much history there is behind origami, the art of folding . But today, my perspective has changed because of this one man and the impact he had on this art form.

I personally find origami to be one craft which perplexes me because my limited amount of patience but undeniably,it is one beautiful craft which is portable, easy to learn even when sitting on your own couch and in your own time!:)

Akira Yoshizawa

Akira Yoshizawa was so dedicated to his art that he left his full-time occupation as a technical draftsman to pursue origami and due to this dedication, he lived in poverty for 20 years, earning money by selling preserved fish door to door ( now that is real passion!)

His   passion paid off because at the end of 1951, a Japanese magazine commissioned him to fold the 12 signs of the Japanese zodiac to illustrate its January 1952 issue.

The work raised his  reputation, leading to exhibitions in Japan and, in 1955, a show at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

I am so glad there was once a man who loved creating art through folding using his understanding of geomatry, because without Akira Yoshizawa, origami would not be where it is today.

Monkey by A.Yoshizawa

To read more about Akira Yoshizawa, please click on the following links:

The New York Times and Akira Yoshizawa Origami Biography

Elephant: A Yoshizawa

At the moment, still really busy at work and not having enough energy at the end of the¬† day to work on my own craft..(sigh such is the life of a desk-jockey). I hope today’s sharing makes up for the lack of the crafting . xoRachel@NotaHati

How to Heart an Elbow Patch:)

It is the first week in March and that means the start of Autumn, at this time I reluctantly  start to put away my pretty colorful summer dresses and change my wardrobe over to woolen tops, leggings, scarves and light warm jackets as the temperature progressively start to drop. Then again, living in Melbourne, any Melbournian worth their salt would know that we live in a city that has a reputation of being weather-volatile, warm one  minute and bone chilling cold when the weather changes. Ah! Melbourne, you grand old damsel, you have a certain charm:). But I heart you:)

Anyone living in¬† Melbourne here will also know the colour black is the signature wardrobe colour especially during winter followed by greys, I can’t comment about other cities but after being here for nine years, I know how much black Melbournians wear in the colder months, including myself (which is always tricky whenever I do my laundry because I would have so many black¬† items I can’t differenciate one item of clothing from the other:)

Black  can be rather flattering and also the  best camouflage attempt  to hide  winter flab gained from eating hearty comfort food and drinking more red wine:) BUT  when the cold weather  is dragging a little longer that one likes, and wearing a lot of black, it can make one feel a little more bleak than necessary (So why add more gloom?)

Which brings me to share¬† this wonderful easy¬† DIY idea to bring a little colour to black or darker tops that gives that touch of quirk.:) from Honestly WTF….little heart elbow patches using wool roving,felting needle and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I tried on one of my older black woolen tops and I too now have heart elbow patches ūüôā (yee-hah!)

I would have taken a photo of my woolen top  but if you remember, I lost my camera (my last travel companion for the last 4 years) and using my phone camera is just not flattering but hopefully the picture from this tutorial will inspire you to put some more colour in your wardrobe.

Heart Elbow Patch: Image from Honestly WTF

This desk jockey is still experiencing rough bumps on the work front…which is why I have had less time to work on this blog these last few weeks hopefully it all irons out soon. I am looking forward to the long weekend..Woot woot..sometime away out the city and in the country would be quite refreshing. xo Rachel @NotaHati

Heart elbow patch: Image from Honestly WTF

Snail Charm in March, Scout Creative

Oh my goodness! How times flies and March marks the first quarter of 2012  and I am feeling a little slow like a snail trying to keep  up and stay on top of things at work, home, with friends and family and my craft and this blog! Sometimes I wish there are two of me  although I think that could be a recipe for disaster..:)

Speaking of time, I have been admiring Scout Creative’s monthly 3-D paper calendar for awhile , so much that I have recommended to another friend of mine who enjoys the cut, fold and paste action in her spare time. Each month Scout Creative comes up with the most interesting calendar designs which you can download, print and create your own 3D calendar for each month.¬† I like all their ideas but I do have a favourite¬† and mine is¬† last¬† December’s Christmas -themed¬† one (click on this if you want to create¬† some 3D nut-cracker dolls)

Otherwise give March’s¬† snail charm a go…without having to pick them off from your garden or plants.

Scout Creative March 2012 calendar

I am not exactly  a big fan of snails but these  paper ones  are fine and very cute especially their  facial expression.

Happy cutting,folding and pasting.

xo Rachel @ Notahati