Mousey Christmas in July

Christmas in July is probably a bit of a weird concept for those of you out there who actually do get snow during Christmas, but for us who live here in the Eastern side of Australia, July is our coldest winter month and also the time of year, where we get more snow fall  ..a real joy for all skiing and snowboarding hard-cores ..and also a great excuse to celebrate a “cold Christmas”.

Inspired by the thought, I finished needle-felting this little mouse 2 days ago, wearing a Santa hat and in the midst of wrapping a present and putting up over-sized Christmas baubles.

I am quite pleased with this little mouse which I took a photo of with my crappy phone camera because I just thought I do  an update today after weeks of silence asI have been feeling quite stretched at work and in my usual way of dealing with stress, I work with my hands.

Up close shot:Image by notaisihati

Up close shot of Mouse

The complete picture…

Tis Christmas in July, all busy with decor and present wrapping…Image: Notaisihati


I really hope I feel better about things soon…all the rubbish at work is getting me down so much.:(

To better days…x Rach@ Notahati