Mini Folk Charm DIY Necklace

Tiny Family necklace

Tiny Family necklace

I absolute love this DIY idea, because it is a piece of craft which I would happily wear around my neck and in fact will attempt this craft idea and add to my range of home-made necklaces. This fantastic DIY idea is by  Cathe Holden and was shared on Makezine, another great website for craft ideas!:)

If you are looking for a touch of whimsical and quirkier DIY gift idea to make for your loved ones for Christmas, this would be a great idea!


Miniature corked glass vials, new or vintage ( like the ones below can be bought from Etsy)
Hole punch
Faux grass as used in scale models, or green craft felt
Super glue
Light blue ribbon, fabric, or paper
N scale model people
Eyehole head pins or tiny eyehole screws
Jump rings and a necklace chain


For the step by step for this gem of a DIY idea, please go to Makezine

Happy Crafting!.


DIY Colourful Garden Lanterns

Just as Melbourne  starting to be enveloped by the colder weather , the mercury dropping to the teens, I have been looking for warm, simple and colourful craft ideas to warm my heart and toes.

And I came across this, a simple , affordable craft idea with old jam/sauce bottles ,some crepe/tissue wrapping paper and Mod Podge from Henry Happened


Colourful Jar Candles from Henry Happened


I have already pinned this on my Pinterest profile ( on my craft board to remind me to get to working on this once I have completed my long list of outstanding craft projects. 🙂

I hope you have fun making this. Much love..x NOtaHAti@Rachel

Cupcake Chomper inspired by Feltique

It has been awhile since I picked up my felting needles. The downside about not needle felting for a period of time, I find I can loose some of my touch and become more vulnerable to the  pricks(ouch!) from sharp needles and any felting fan will tell you , it is  not so pleasant when there are 3-4 of them at a time (double ouch!)

So while I was back in KL in March for a friend’s wedding…well actually whenever I am in KL, I have a “must” routine within my first few days of settling back in. I must have my compulsory dose of local food,I must check out what is the latest in Asian cinema at the DVD store and I must go to Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC where I pore over their incredible  range craft and DIY books.

Each time I return to Kinokuniya in KL, it is without fail I will always find at least one or even more craft book which I don’t seem to come across in any of the local (ever decreasing) bookshops in Melbourne:(.

This time I found 2 books, one which is Feltique by Nikola Davidson and Brookelynn Morris


I highly recommend if you are looking for more ideas, techniques, projecs for felting and needle felting.  I already have 10 books on felting and consider this another great addition to my ever growing collection.

Their project ideas are fun to make, so fun that I made one last week, needing a break from my not so fun job-hunt activity. Its the Cupcake Chomper…

cupcake chomper

Cupcake Chomper (needle felted by nota hati)

Yup,that is my little purple Cupcake Chomper which I made and photographed with the teeny tiny cupcakes which I bought for tea(watching my weight!). It is fun to make and took me about  2 hours to complete…the tiny teeth and cupcake in the mouth was a bit of a challenge but worth the effort.

Happy felting…talk soon. xo NOtaHati


Good morning! I have been meaning to share my latest effort of making this delightful bunny but in combination of  last year’s Christmas business and taking a break from everything else except crafting, I forgot! 🙂

Anyway, here is my very own  New Year bunny who is dressed to the nines right down to a masquerade mask of her own!  I had made her with the intention of sharing her just before NYE but I was away! LOL


My variation of Baby Binky Bunny dressed in masquerade ball finery:) (Handmade and image by NotaHati)

This little bunny was inspired by the Baby Binky Bunny pattern which I bought ages ago from Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts.


Baby Binky Bunny from mmmcrafts

I am especially pleased with my Binky Bunny because it has been awhile I made something just for me which turned out better than I thought upon completion and it is one of those little things which brings crafting  joy!

If you want to make your very own Binky Bunny, you can get a pattern from Larissa’s store

Happy Monday!

xo NOtaHati@Rachel

So it has been a week…and a bit

since I hung my desk jockey hat for now and finished at my work  after putting my hand up for voluntary redundancy.

While I have been  sleeping like a baby  the moment my head touches the pillow ever since the day I started to wind down at work (being quite stress free) and the feeling of euphoria of not having to work, after a week and a bit, I am starting to miss the daily interactions  with people (not the annoying ones though!)

I have avoided sitting or turning on the computer as part of my “detox” as I used to spend so much time of a computer at work that I did not have the energy to even consider turning one on when I get home.  Which is also one of the reasons there hasn’t been much updates since the last one…but I have kept myself busy in the last week (aside from attending one of the spring races and having a series of catch-ups), I started some home spring-cleaning (you know , the things that you just never have the time for) and also I needle felted this adorable little critter

Sleeping needle felted fox (by Rachel@NOtaHati)
“and he lay his weary head under the comfort of the stars and closes his eyes on a soft bed of twigs and leaves

I placed the fox in an old vase/bulb pot which I had and added some fake leaves for the effect which I had in mind.

Another project which I had finished not too long ago is my Spring Fairy doll which I made just before I went traveling in September and today she turned up in one of trees in our backyard wanting to play as the spring weather has warmed up a little, in her new green Spring outfit and flowers in her auburn red hair.

Spring Fairy (by Rachel@NOtaHati)
“in her new spring outfit, her little heart is full of glee as Winter has gone for the season as she wanders out to ride butterflies in the wind”

I had so much fun making both fox and fairy as they play on my imagination and at times stories will form in my head as I make them and that is how I come up with each caption 🙂

Next I would be sharing on my finds from the Finders and Keepers Market which I went to a couple of weeks ago…(feels so long ago!)

See you in a couple of days. x

Groovy Negatives..DIY idea

Hello there! It has been a week and bit since I got back from travels, Mr Man and I are trying to get back into the thick of things in every sense and juggling with everything. Our whirl-wind  trip especially to Europe ( we covered 5 different European countries and 7 different cities in 3 weeks, and spent a week in KL..yup, we were busy).

What no photos? I just downloaded my many photos from the trip…they are coming, I just need to find the time. LOL

Speaking of photos, before digital cameras existed, remember how photos used to be the end product from these film negatives? I remember my father taking photo negatives to the photo shop to get them processed and I used to wonder why we had to more than a day  before we get to see our holiday shots.  Now, I can’t even remember when was the last time I saw photo negatives,sadly I don’t think they really exist anymore.:(.  I think the days of dark room magic are numbered!

Photo negatives

The  last time I checked ,my dad’s photo negatives kept in old family albums, they have become discoloured ready to be thrown away  which is a pity as I am quite sentimental about little things like..  until I came   across this gem of a DIY idea this morning from Pinterest…a really clever , original idea from recycling old photo negatives which are too precious to be thrown away.

An awesome negative vase (DIY idea from :

It is amazingly clever idea from a square glass vase, old negatives, modge podge and a tealight placed inside the vase ! And voila!a revamped vase with some of your tresured negatives illuminated by the flame of a tealight!

It is good to be back sharing all this fantastic DIY and craft ideas as I work on my craft stuff although I miss the travels! 🙂 have a awesome week (or whatever is remaining to the end of this week)

Talk soon . x NOtahati @ Rachel

DIY: How to ..put a metropolis in a bottle?

How time flies! And we are almost at the end of the 3rd quarter of the year…how time has flown scarily fast! No excuses for much update but aside from hibernating in this cold winter weather, I continue to be busy at work and not having much energy at the end of the day to write in this blog space or  to focus on making  much craft really…(and like what I have shared before, what frustrates me!).

I did find a craft idea which caught my attention over the weekend, if you are into terrariums, you might like this simple craft idea  shared on this link.

If you do not know who the presenter of this video is, his name is Wes Chan and he is one of the co founders of WongFu Productions, the other 2 co -founders are Phillip Wang and Ted Fu.  And together, they are known as Wong Fu Productions, I have been watching their short films and their other works on Youtube for awhile and thoroughly  enjoy their work.

Since their humble beginnings about 5-6  years ago, Wong Fu has become really popular through Youtube and their short films have been going viral, one of the wonderful stories of success.

If you haven’t seen of their work yet, I encourage you to, one of my personal favourite from their collection of short films is “These Four Walls”. I  think it is such a beautiful short  film shot in Italy , simple  and beautiful which  had no dialogue but spoke volumes.

Enjoy these videos and I hope you attempt the DIY idea..speak soon. X Rachel