About Me

Hello! Welcome to my   space and as you can tell, I am a little shy ..instead of sharing a picture of myself, you are seeing the back of my head :).But I will share a photo of myself one of these days when I am feeling a little less shy.

The picture below is me standing in the inner  court of “Reales Alcázares de Sevilla” or “Royal Alcazars of Seville in 2009 (too long ago!). I was totally lost in the moorish designs of this palace, I felt like I was in another place,another time.

In the Real AlCazar, Seville

So who is Nota Hati (also known as Rachel)?
A migrant who moved from the city of massive traffic jams and twin towers (KL) to the city of arts and culture (Melbourne ) more than 8 years ago to be with “the one”:)

Tell me a little more?

“Nota Isi Hati” translated from the Malay language to English means “notes from the heart”. And this is what this page is all about notes from heart.A place to share, ponder, be inspired and hopefully to inspire

And sometimes  to mope…(especially after a shitty day at work)..after all I am another desk-jockey who has 9-5 job to pay the bills while harbouring a precious hope and dreams(and work towards the day) of the day where she could have more hours to work her craft instead of working to just pay off bills!

What is a Desk Jockey?

It is a slang word describing someone who works at a desk , or from Urban Dictionary, it means: Someone who has a shitty job and is stuck behind a desk and a computer all day long.(it is not always shitty but there are days…BUT thank god, for good colleagues and working in the CBD!!!)

My Love of  Making Craft

Started when I was a little girl, I remember rumaging through piles of my mother’s fabrics sometimes cutting up clothes,sheets and garments I  really shouldn’t have with my mother’s pair of giant steel scissors. (much to her exasperation!)

Being the youngest without a playmate of close to my own age  and  not having many toys, a I made paper-dolls from old exercise books for myself and my next door neighbour’s daughters whom I used to play with.

Craft as Therapy

Making craft  has helped me get through some rather traumatic periods in my life, a solid solace as I worked through my hands, I work my troubles away.

A lot of the craft I do is self -taught from hours of studying and sourcing techniques and ideas from websites, craft-books and mere observation. It is an on-going journey of trials an errors as far I am concerned but when I get it right…it is very rewarding!

What makes my heart sing?

People i love, travelling, good food  and  I am happiest  in good bookshops,  craft markets/design markets/beautiful spaces/vintage shops   and admiring pretty hand-made things  testing Mr Man’s patience and after many years together,he is used to me wandering into these places for some time while he patiently waits 🙂

Happy Reading!

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I LIKE SHARING about  beautiful things and so far what   I have picked to share about on my blog, I am not paid or sponsored  to write about them, its my way of supporting the arts of every form.