Photo moment#2

Photo moment#2

Uninhibited is the word which comes to mind whenever I step into my friend’s art studio,Andrew’s dark sense of art plays with your imagination and gives you the freedom to interpret what you think his art says..gently suggesting a story behind each piece of work.


White Night!

It was a great night out in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, the city came alive with 80 different events at different venues around the city and the some of our monumental buildings were illuminated with lights on graphics and there were revellers all over the city. The estimated number  out and about that night was about 300,000 and of course I was there with Mr Man checking out the sights and sounds…and aside from very sore feet, I don’t think Melbourne could be any prettier!


At the start of White Night, looking on a runway show.

Some other shots taken amidst the crazy amount of people walking around the city and being petite in stature, getting the shots I wanted was quite tricky and not to mention frustrating! But it was a great night needless to say!:) X Rachel@ NOtaHati

Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all had a great time of celebration towards the end of 2012 and have already started with your race for 2013.

Mr Man and I decided to go away just after Christmas for a mini-break in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and here are some shots during our break away from Oz which was a nice change from having to wonder which event to go for  on NYE in town. It as so very nice to catch up with friends and family in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur which I believe has been refreshing and nursed some of homesickness which I have  been feeling especially for my friends.

January is almost over but I still would like to wish you a Happy New Year and may it be a good year of development filled with new hopes and endeavors.

x NOtaHati


Good morning! I have been meaning to share my latest effort of making this delightful bunny but in combination of  last year’s Christmas business and taking a break from everything else except crafting, I forgot! 🙂

Anyway, here is my very own  New Year bunny who is dressed to the nines right down to a masquerade mask of her own!  I had made her with the intention of sharing her just before NYE but I was away! LOL


My variation of Baby Binky Bunny dressed in masquerade ball finery:) (Handmade and image by NotaHati)

This little bunny was inspired by the Baby Binky Bunny pattern which I bought ages ago from Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts.


Baby Binky Bunny from mmmcrafts

I am especially pleased with my Binky Bunny because it has been awhile I made something just for me which turned out better than I thought upon completion and it is one of those little things which brings crafting  joy!

If you want to make your very own Binky Bunny, you can get a pattern from Larissa’s store

Happy Monday!

xo NOtaHati@Rachel

So it has been a week…and a bit

since I hung my desk jockey hat for now and finished at my work  after putting my hand up for voluntary redundancy.

While I have been  sleeping like a baby  the moment my head touches the pillow ever since the day I started to wind down at work (being quite stress free) and the feeling of euphoria of not having to work, after a week and a bit, I am starting to miss the daily interactions  with people (not the annoying ones though!)

I have avoided sitting or turning on the computer as part of my “detox” as I used to spend so much time of a computer at work that I did not have the energy to even consider turning one on when I get home.  Which is also one of the reasons there hasn’t been much updates since the last one…but I have kept myself busy in the last week (aside from attending one of the spring races and having a series of catch-ups), I started some home spring-cleaning (you know , the things that you just never have the time for) and also I needle felted this adorable little critter

Sleeping needle felted fox (by Rachel@NOtaHati)
“and he lay his weary head under the comfort of the stars and closes his eyes on a soft bed of twigs and leaves

I placed the fox in an old vase/bulb pot which I had and added some fake leaves for the effect which I had in mind.

Another project which I had finished not too long ago is my Spring Fairy doll which I made just before I went traveling in September and today she turned up in one of trees in our backyard wanting to play as the spring weather has warmed up a little, in her new green Spring outfit and flowers in her auburn red hair.

Spring Fairy (by Rachel@NOtaHati)
“in her new spring outfit, her little heart is full of glee as Winter has gone for the season as she wanders out to ride butterflies in the wind”

I had so much fun making both fox and fairy as they play on my imagination and at times stories will form in my head as I make them and that is how I come up with each caption 🙂

Next I would be sharing on my finds from the Finders and Keepers Market which I went to a couple of weeks ago…(feels so long ago!)

See you in a couple of days. x



I have decided to take a break from the stresses of work and will be having more time to rest, relax and reflect from November onwards.  This rare opportunity presented itself when I was away on holiday during September , I got news of voluntary separatation packages were being offered to staff within my unit and after much thinking and some gentle prompting, I put my hand up.

It is a road less travelled for someone like me who always had worked or had  consistent steady jobs but after this year of work stress which  mainly robbed me of  many nights of sleep and not being to relax on some weekends, this  weary desk jockey just wants to hang up her office thinking cap for a little bit and do something with her hands instead.

I was looking for something to share for my Positive Mondays which I forgot about yesterday but  I did find this  quote from Pablo Picasso which I hope will also inspire some of you who are just like me , already on your road less travelled or are in the midst of considering it. Sometimes we have to ask “is it worth the pain and how much growth do I get ?” And if the answer is “No, and not much” then it is pretty much time to consider a different path.

I am just so grateful that while I try to sort myself out, I am not entirely out of pocket in the next 2-3 months . God is good. To dreams and imagination! Much love x Rachel@NOtaHati