DIY Colourful Garden Lanterns

Just as Melbourne  starting to be enveloped by the colder weather , the mercury dropping to the teens, I have been looking for warm, simple and colourful craft ideas to warm my heart and toes.

And I came across this, a simple , affordable craft idea with old jam/sauce bottles ,some crepe/tissue wrapping paper and Mod Podge from Henry Happened


Colourful Jar Candles from Henry Happened


I have already pinned this on my Pinterest profile ( on my craft board to remind me to get to working on this once I have completed my long list of outstanding craft projects. ūüôā

I hope you have fun making this. Much love..x NOtaHAti@Rachel


White Night!

It was a great night out in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, the city came alive with 80 different events at different venues around the city and the some of our monumental buildings were illuminated with lights on graphics and there were revellers all over the city. The estimated number¬† out and about that night was about 300,000 and of course I was there with Mr Man checking out the sights and sounds…and aside from very sore feet, I don’t think Melbourne could be any prettier!


At the start of White Night, looking on a runway show.

Some other shots taken amidst the crazy amount of people walking around the city and being petite in stature, getting the shots I wanted was quite tricky and not to mention frustrating! But it was a great night needless to say!:) X Rachel@ NOtaHati

Happy New Year 2013

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all had a great time of celebration towards the end of 2012 and have already started with your race for 2013.

Mr Man and I decided to go away just after Christmas for a mini-break in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and here are some shots during our break away from Oz which was a nice change from having to wonder which event to go for  on NYE in town. It as so very nice to catch up with friends and family in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur which I believe has been refreshing and nursed some of homesickness which I have  been feeling especially for my friends.

January is almost over but I still would like to wish you a Happy New Year and may it be a good year of development filled with new hopes and endeavors.

x NOtaHati

Accessorise with Cendrillon

Being an absolute ¬†craft market buff, I went to Magnolia Square to see whether I could spot a certain something that would grab my attention. Amongst the beautiful wares displayed by local designers and crafters…I could not help but took an instant liking to these beautiful accessory pieces from Cendrillon (which also means Cinderalla in English)

I love bold coloured accessories there is where Cendrillon stands out for me!

A beautiful key-ring with hand painted face

But I would have to say my  personal favourite Cendrillon accessory is the porcelain- head dolly necklaces like the one below

If¬† you like bright colours as much as I¬†do (because they are so happy!); you can now¬†buy these beautiful accessories from Cendrillon and other leading French designers in Oz¬†from so french so chic. Happy Friday! ūüôā So looking forward to it:)

Love , Nota Hati

Moya Delany

I¬†became ¬†a fan of Moya Delany’s work when I came across one of her beautiful creations in hat shop over a year ago and just absolutely love how she used mostly feathers to create her head-wear.

Beautiful for weddings

¬†Or going to the races…

(photo source : Moya Delany)

Simple, uncomplicated and yet fascinatingly elegant. Moya Delany’s style is definately uniquely one of a kind. More on Moya, click here.

Only one more day to the end of the work week.¬† Sweet sweet Friday here I come ūüôā

Tightology, Fashion for Legs

I love autumn for so many reasons,an obvious one is how the colours of leaves change  from green to red,yellow and brown before they fall of the trees as it gets colder.

(photo by Nota Hati)

I love the¬† nip of cold air as you walk around, so crisp and fresh that it makes me think of fresh lettuce and Granny Smith apples…I know..where is the connection?

And let’s not forget comfort food like risotto and hearty soups coupled up with a glass (or a couple) of delicious red wine.

But what I love most about the autumn/winter fashion (being the girl that¬† I am) is mixing my many scarves and hats to match an outfit for that extra “oomph”. (I do love beautiful scarves and wraps..which I will talk about another time) .

My most recent autumn fashion find is Tightology’s unique collection of contemporary printed legwear, designed with the environment in mind. I bought a pair recently and found them absolutely comfortable to wear.

(Photo source:Tightology)

Made in organic cotton which is so comfortable to wear with printed designs that range from floral, botanical designs for adult and cute¬† cupcake designs for kiddies. Tightology’s legwear will definitely keeps your legs a lot warmer and fashionable in this cold weather!

Happy autumn everyone, keep yourselves warm ūüôā

Charis, Nota Hati


A recent trip away to Sydney on Easter Saturday, we ventured to the local Oxford Street area where I came across this quaint little shop called LazyBones.¬† And I understood why when I tried on of their pajamas. Beautiful vintage inspired fabric and in the softest cotton which you could just even lounge in at home.Aside from aside gorgeous sleepwear for homebodies like me,there is homewares and girl’s clothing .