Cupcake Chomper inspired by Feltique

It has been awhile since I picked up my felting needles. The downside about not needle felting for a period of time, I find I can loose some of my touch and become more vulnerable to the  pricks(ouch!) from sharp needles and any felting fan will tell you , it is  not so pleasant when there are 3-4 of them at a time (double ouch!)

So while I was back in KL in March for a friend’s wedding…well actually whenever I am in KL, I have a “must” routine within my first few days of settling back in. I must have my compulsory dose of local food,I must check out what is the latest in Asian cinema at the DVD store and I must go to Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC where I pore over their incredible  range craft and DIY books.

Each time I return to Kinokuniya in KL, it is without fail I will always find at least one or even more craft book which I don’t seem to come across in any of the local (ever decreasing) bookshops in Melbourne:(.

This time I found 2 books, one which is Feltique by Nikola Davidson and Brookelynn Morris


I highly recommend if you are looking for more ideas, techniques, projecs for felting and needle felting.  I already have 10 books on felting and consider this another great addition to my ever growing collection.

Their project ideas are fun to make, so fun that I made one last week, needing a break from my not so fun job-hunt activity. Its the Cupcake Chomper…

cupcake chomper

Cupcake Chomper (needle felted by nota hati)

Yup,that is my little purple Cupcake Chomper which I made and photographed with the teeny tiny cupcakes which I bought for tea(watching my weight!). It is fun to make and took me about  2 hours to complete…the tiny teeth and cupcake in the mouth was a bit of a challenge but worth the effort.

Happy felting…talk soon. xo NOtaHati


Paper Toys (have feelings too) -Dadik Triadi

I had so much fun making Nancy (Papertoy) and Sid (Papertoy) that I could not resist making up a story for both Nancy and Sid after putting them together from paper toy templates created by Dadik Triadi from Indonesia. No only  are they super cute but it brings back memories of days when I used to make my own paper dolls and tell stories with them.

Sid meets Nancy for the first time...what will he do next? (From Paper Toys, Design : Dadik Triadi)

Dadik Triadi is one of the talented paper toy designers  whose work and illustrations  featured in the book  We Are Paper Toys (by Louis Bou), I “stumbled” across the book at the Game Shop in the CBD   and was totally sold when I saw the contents of this book and all the paper toys I could make to come “alive”

I  highly recommend We Are Paper Toys for a bit of a cut, fold ,paste action  as this book  is packaged with a DVD featuring templates for the toys in this book  and step-by-step instructions on how to create the toys and make them your own. 🙂

To read more about Dadik Triadi @ Dyadik, click on this link.

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend…xx Rachel @ NotaHati

Heading down to Rochford Wineries to watch Hall& Oates and IceHouse this weekend, I simply cannot wait to hear “Because Your Kiss Is on My List” sung live…(ahhh… memories:) )