Mini Folk Charm DIY Necklace

Tiny Family necklace

Tiny Family necklace

I absolute love this DIY idea, because it is a piece of craft which I would happily wear around my neck and in fact will attempt this craft idea and add to my range of home-made necklaces. This fantastic DIY idea is by  Cathe Holden and was shared on Makezine, another great website for craft ideas!:)

If you are looking for a touch of whimsical and quirkier DIY gift idea to make for your loved ones for Christmas, this would be a great idea!


Miniature corked glass vials, new or vintage ( like the ones below can be bought from Etsy)
Hole punch
Faux grass as used in scale models, or green craft felt
Super glue
Light blue ribbon, fabric, or paper
N scale model people
Eyehole head pins or tiny eyehole screws
Jump rings and a necklace chain


For the step by step for this gem of a DIY idea, please go to Makezine

Happy Crafting!.


Cupcake Chomper inspired by Feltique

It has been awhile since I picked up my felting needles. The downside about not needle felting for a period of time, I find I can loose some of my touch and become more vulnerable to the  pricks(ouch!) from sharp needles and any felting fan will tell you , it is  not so pleasant when there are 3-4 of them at a time (double ouch!)

So while I was back in KL in March for a friend’s wedding…well actually whenever I am in KL, I have a “must” routine within my first few days of settling back in. I must have my compulsory dose of local food,I must check out what is the latest in Asian cinema at the DVD store and I must go to Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC where I pore over their incredible  range craft and DIY books.

Each time I return to Kinokuniya in KL, it is without fail I will always find at least one or even more craft book which I don’t seem to come across in any of the local (ever decreasing) bookshops in Melbourne:(.

This time I found 2 books, one which is Feltique by Nikola Davidson and Brookelynn Morris


I highly recommend if you are looking for more ideas, techniques, projecs for felting and needle felting.  I already have 10 books on felting and consider this another great addition to my ever growing collection.

Their project ideas are fun to make, so fun that I made one last week, needing a break from my not so fun job-hunt activity. Its the Cupcake Chomper…

cupcake chomper

Cupcake Chomper (needle felted by nota hati)

Yup,that is my little purple Cupcake Chomper which I made and photographed with the teeny tiny cupcakes which I bought for tea(watching my weight!). It is fun to make and took me about  2 hours to complete…the tiny teeth and cupcake in the mouth was a bit of a challenge but worth the effort.

Happy felting…talk soon. xo NOtaHati


Good morning! I have been meaning to share my latest effort of making this delightful bunny but in combination of  last year’s Christmas business and taking a break from everything else except crafting, I forgot! 🙂

Anyway, here is my very own  New Year bunny who is dressed to the nines right down to a masquerade mask of her own!  I had made her with the intention of sharing her just before NYE but I was away! LOL


My variation of Baby Binky Bunny dressed in masquerade ball finery:) (Handmade and image by NotaHati)

This little bunny was inspired by the Baby Binky Bunny pattern which I bought ages ago from Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts.


Baby Binky Bunny from mmmcrafts

I am especially pleased with my Binky Bunny because it has been awhile I made something just for me which turned out better than I thought upon completion and it is one of those little things which brings crafting  joy!

If you want to make your very own Binky Bunny, you can get a pattern from Larissa’s store

Happy Monday!

xo NOtaHati@Rachel

Skinny Ties for Little Guys: DIY/Tutorial

hello! *bright smile*

Phew! my previous post was pretty heavy stuff wasn’t? But I had been thinking about sharing my own personal experience ever since I read about Project Unbreakable and strangely,in by retelling, recalling what had happened…I feel like this part of me can move forward.:)

Now while browsing the web the other morning , I found this really cute tutorial on how to make skinny ties for little guys (little boys) from See Kate Sew. Puts a smile on my face:). If you have a special little guy in your life and you are somewhat crafty…I am sure you will find this project quite irresistable! Click on tutorial for how to:)

I think it is fabulous project and great gift idea too…Happy Friday and have a great weekend xo

Skinny TIes for Little Guys:Image from See Kate Sew

The Falling Leaves, Drift By the Window…

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold….
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sunburned hands, I used to hold
Since you went away, the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear ol’ winter’s song.
But I miss you most of all my darling,
When autumn leaves start to fall

(extract from the song “The Falling Leaves” by Nat King Cole)

Autumn is here and I love to watch  how the leaves in the trees start to change colour,  from deep green to red, yellow and gold and as the temperature gradually drops  Melbournians will try to cramp as much outdoor acitivities, picnics and meet-ups before the season changes and almost everyone goes into hibernation mode until Spring.

Below is  a  photo below of  the leaves fallen from the trees at the back of my home last Autumn, I love the  look of the natural rich mix of colours autumn leaves  so much that I want to be able to bring this into my home.

Autumn Leaves:image from NotaIsiHati

Like the look of beautiful felted leaves below?This can be made using wool roving following this  great tutorial from Living Felt.

Felt Autumn Leaves: Image :Living Felt

Need a little inspiration to get started?Maybe this oldie but goodie from Nat King Cole will get you started.Happy crafting:)

How to Heart an Elbow Patch:)

It is the first week in March and that means the start of Autumn, at this time I reluctantly  start to put away my pretty colorful summer dresses and change my wardrobe over to woolen tops, leggings, scarves and light warm jackets as the temperature progressively start to drop. Then again, living in Melbourne, any Melbournian worth their salt would know that we live in a city that has a reputation of being weather-volatile, warm one  minute and bone chilling cold when the weather changes. Ah! Melbourne, you grand old damsel, you have a certain charm:). But I heart you:)

Anyone living in  Melbourne here will also know the colour black is the signature wardrobe colour especially during winter followed by greys, I can’t comment about other cities but after being here for nine years, I know how much black Melbournians wear in the colder months, including myself (which is always tricky whenever I do my laundry because I would have so many black  items I can’t differenciate one item of clothing from the other:)

Black  can be rather flattering and also the  best camouflage attempt  to hide  winter flab gained from eating hearty comfort food and drinking more red wine:) BUT  when the cold weather  is dragging a little longer that one likes, and wearing a lot of black, it can make one feel a little more bleak than necessary (So why add more gloom?)

Which brings me to share  this wonderful easy  DIY idea to bring a little colour to black or darker tops that gives that touch of quirk.:) from Honestly WTF….little heart elbow patches using wool roving,felting needle and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I tried on one of my older black woolen tops and I too now have heart elbow patches 🙂 (yee-hah!)

I would have taken a photo of my woolen top  but if you remember, I lost my camera (my last travel companion for the last 4 years) and using my phone camera is just not flattering but hopefully the picture from this tutorial will inspire you to put some more colour in your wardrobe.

Heart Elbow Patch: Image from Honestly WTF

This desk jockey is still experiencing rough bumps on the work front…which is why I have had less time to work on this blog these last few weeks hopefully it all irons out soon. I am looking forward to the long weekend..Woot woot..sometime away out the city and in the country would be quite refreshing. xo Rachel @NotaHati

Heart elbow patch: Image from Honestly WTF

The 15-minute DIY Valentine Origami Pockets

That was how long it took me to make these 2 Valentine Origami Pockets, which involved folding the 2 origami Valentine Pockets,cut out the two illustrations ,glue andassemble the pieces, in about 15 minutes or less.  It is quite an easy project which I am quite confident even  my 8 year old niece can make in the same amount of time (or maybe add another 15 minutes more to complete both!:). These Origami Pockets stand quite well on its own on a flat surface, a nice idea if you want to surprise someone at work, school …etc

Please go to this link to retrieve both cute illustrations to stick on your origami pieces like I did and also the instructions on how to fold these Origami Pockets.

Only 4 more days to Valentine…

By the way , my apologies on the quality of my photo on this post and possible the next few ones coming as I lost my camera 2 weeks ago in a taxi (was absolutely gutted as this camera has been travelling with me to different countries in the last 4 years and I feel like I have lost my right arm.

Valentine Origami Pockets

X Rachel@ Nota Hati

At the moment I am using my phone camera to post photos on this space, which unfortunately does not always give quality photos but for now, it will have to do until I get my new camera in March.