Groovy Negatives..DIY idea

Hello there! It has been a week and bit since I got back from travels, Mr Man and I are trying to get back into the thick of things in every sense and juggling with everything. Our whirl-wind  trip especially to Europe ( we covered 5 different European countries and 7 different cities in 3 weeks, and spent a week in KL..yup, we were busy).

What no photos? I just downloaded my many photos from the trip…they are coming, I just need to find the time. LOL

Speaking of photos, before digital cameras existed, remember how photos used to be the end product from these film negatives? I remember my father taking photo negatives to the photo shop to get them processed and I used to wonder why we had to more than a day  before we get to see our holiday shots.  Now, I can’t even remember when was the last time I saw photo negatives,sadly I don’t think they really exist anymore.:(.  I think the days of dark room magic are numbered!

Photo negatives

The  last time I checked ,my dad’s photo negatives kept in old family albums, they have become discoloured ready to be thrown away  which is a pity as I am quite sentimental about little things like..  until I came   across this gem of a DIY idea this morning from Pinterest…a really clever , original idea from recycling old photo negatives which are too precious to be thrown away.

An awesome negative vase (DIY idea from :

It is amazingly clever idea from a square glass vase, old negatives, modge podge and a tealight placed inside the vase ! And voila!a revamped vase with some of your tresured negatives illuminated by the flame of a tealight!

It is good to be back sharing all this fantastic DIY and craft ideas as I work on my craft stuff although I miss the travels! 🙂 have a awesome week (or whatever is remaining to the end of this week)

Talk soon . x NOtahati @ Rachel


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