Hello…have been away…

Hi there!I have been quiet especially the last month…I have been away on a much -needed break (the whole of September)with Mr Man. Both Mr Man and I just needed some time away from it all especially from the stressful pace we were at work and in our personal lives where there are demands and obligations to meet. And to feed our souls with travel, art and cultures from different lands

We went travelling …back to KL and other parts of Europe, towns and places which I have not been in before and one of the places which I insisted we should go while at London was a side trip to Bath in the UK.  I am such a huge fan of period shows especially movies and TV series based on Jane Austen novels...I simply had to go to Bath!!

And Bath, we did go to …and one of the places which I had to see with was the Royal Crescent, one of the famous landmarks in Bath which is often used as a one of the tourist attractions  on Bath tourist sites and Bath travel brochures. Like any other tourists, I took loads of photos which I have yet to download from my camera but I thought I drop in my little artsy space and I have missed writing  but I  am back and energised and ready to rumble (as some will say…:)).  So many stories and photos to share…coming soon, stay tuned.xox

At the Royal Crescent, Bath UK


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