Hearts of Love for Mom

The  last four days has been a wonderful escape for this desk jockey, this very weary, stressed-out desk jockey and her Mr Man  packed their  frozen butts,left  cold and wet Melbourne to  soak in the mild  “winter”  sun   in Noosa, Queensland.  And to celebrate Sunday,13th May  which is Mother’s Day  and incidentally also my birthday.(the big 4..eek!).

Truthfully on top of  the work stress, leaving behind a well-loved decade, has been a stress point for me in the last few months because in my head I really feel ageless.

But we should leave the talk about getting old till later…yes? And concentrate on what was good like the gorgeous sunset which I got to enjoy while standing on Little Cove beachfront on the evening of my birthday and feeling very grateful and loved. More happy shots to share  in my later posts, I promise.

Me on the evening on my birthday, Little Cove, Noosa

Just days before we left for our short escape, one of the things I was furiously working on was my bouquet of felt  hearts (below) for my mum-in -law who has been like a second mom to me since I came here….what do you think? The little mouse standing next to the jar is also hand-made by me…something I made for myself.

Bouquet of felt hearts and the charming mouse , both made by me:). Image:Notaisihati.

With each felt heart which I completed, I got progressively  excited about putting together  the mix of colours, the  gorgeous hues of pinks, reds,blues and a dash of lemon yellow.Most of the felt used is high quality wool felt which I bought from Lucello, possibly my most favourite haberdashery haven in the CBD. 🙂 I was looking for a unique gift idea, I know how much mum-in -law loves flowers but I thought I make her something that will last and also she’s a bit of a fan of my craft work(bless her heart !). And I am happy with the outcome on my first attempt! 😉

This gift  idea  came up when I came across Revlie’s (from REVolution)   forest of felt hearts  and just loved her idea! Loved it so much that I decided to make for my mum-in-law and like Revlie, each heart hand -sewn using the blanket stitch…the ceramic gift tag which I had tied on the jar is gorgeous find from a shop called Lamington in Noosa, the quote  saying “fill your paper with the breathings of your heart~Woodsworth”

Revlie’s forest of hearts,Image: from REVolution

I haven’t caught up with my mum in law yet but probably will see her this weekend, I hope she finds it a pleasant surprise. Click on  Revlie’s forest of felt hearts, if you like me, are out of gift ideas and found this a good one.

xo Rachel@Notahati


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