Cake Pops! ..and tips and ideas on how to…

While web-surfing yesterday ( one of my guilty time-wasting habits),I came across Love From The Oven and making cake pops (which I did not existed until yesterday!!).

How delicious and pretty  do cake pops  below look? I love cooking but haven’t baked much unless pouring  White Wings pre-mixed  muffin mixture into a bowl , adding an egg and popping into an oven counts?:)

Cake Pops:Image Love From The Oven

Christi from Love From The Oven has given so many helpful hints from her link on how to make cake pops, I might actually give it a be perfectly honest, I have always found baking quite daunting ,and . But I think I might jump on the bandwagon, inspired by how pretty cake pops  look decorated with delicious  sprinkles to a more creative  like Avengers cake pops which I found from Little Lion Baked Goods!

The Avengers Cake Pops:Image :Little Lion Baked Goods

More cake pops too pretty to eat from Little Lion Baked Goods, and though spring is still some time away for us here in Oz but here is gorgeous looking  spring flower cake pops is worth looking forward to.:)

To cake  pops! Do check out both sites which I have linked to, and also a youtube video which  I hope will help all cake-pop novices like me. Happy week xo Rachel@NotaHati

The youtube video


2 thoughts on “Cake Pops! ..and tips and ideas on how to…

  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for featuring my Avengers and Spring Flower cake pops! I’m so glad you liked them!! Your blog is so cool and inspiring and it’s an awesome honor to be featured! Thanks again! 🙂

    • Hi Maddy…I think your cake-pops look absolutely delicious and can’t wait try to make them myself.Please do come back for a visit because this space is dedicated to the beautiful things in life! 🙂

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