Owly May…

Hi there!

Gosh! May already…really??

Well, I found another beautiful monthly calendar design site  from one of the links on Cart Before The Horse website which you can create for yourself easily , if you are an owl lover  from the Owl Lover 2012 Calendar.:) . I found the link through Jo James’s website (The Cart Before The Horse).

It is very easy to create your own Owl Lover Calendar, from the Owl Lover 2012 Calendar, choose the month from the drop down box under each artwork ( there are 45 to choose from ) and what is so cool, while you are waiting for your calendar to print, you can read more about the artist who created the artwork which you chose! Easy peasy! And you get to learn more the artist behind the artwork. For May, I chose Jo James’s artwork as I have always liked the craft/art work which Jo and her partner does , they make such beautiful folk art dolls and animals! So here is my May calendar below.The other artwork you can choose from  on Owl Lover 2012 Calendar…I just need to find the time to read about each artist…

Have fun making your own calendar, for me it just another easy crafty thing do in a couple of minutes, with beautiful result on a very cold and wet Melbourne day. xo Rachel@NOtaHati


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