Dominic Wilcox: Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time

When I think of Dominic Wilcox’s watch sculptures, I can’t seem to think of any other words except of the song “Time of Time” especially the chorus from this song sung by Cyndi Lauper in the 80s.

“If you’re lost you can look–and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you–I’ll be waiting
Time after time”

Don’t ask me why ..but my brain has a way of connecting things and I have also digressed from I wanted to share about which is Dominic Wilcox’s amazing work: a series of miniature time-based sculptures using a collection of vintage mechanical watches and customised model figures. By attaching tiny figures onto the second and minute hands of each watch, Wilcox has made unique, animated scenes from everyday observations and imagined situations. Like the one below…

Another interesting clip on how he discerningly  “feels” which  toy soldiers to use  for his sculptures.

Interestingly different way of displaying his observation, if only I had at least extra GBP 600 lying around..I would happily purchase one of these watch sculptures. For more updates, or news on Dominic Wilcox..check out his website

I am glad it is a short work week (Easter)….this week and next, more time to rest,”re-set” and craft. 🙂

PS: March Daisy hasn’t emerged due to busy schedule but she will make the appearence…along with April. xo Rachel@NotaHati


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