Sex After Kids…by IndieGogo (too funny not to share!)

Hi All

I hope I have been missed by some of you …but my silence is unfortunately not because I have gone to craft haven or been busy creating :(. I have been inundated with personal obligations of all kind and trying to keep my energy level at an acceptable rate too so that I am not rocking up into my desk-jockey role too  zombified (which happens anyway due to the mind-numbing processes I deal with everyday!)

Gee! I am a ray of sunshine today aren’t I -__-.

Anyways I just thought I share something I came across today which is on the creative indie film-making front shared by a friend living in Singapore (thank you Des) from Indiegogo located in Canada. Honestly I haven’t heard of them until today but at the end of this short film (Sex After Kids) , there is a given green light to blog about this, so that is why I am sharing this with you and hopefully you will be entertained just as much as I have been (although I am not a parent but I hear enough of some the laments from my friends who are parents of young children) 🙂

I have a few tresure finds to share about..I will be back very soon with them. On the Daisy Doll Challenge front, unfortunately the March one will be fashionably late (damn you obligations!!!). Enjoy xo


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