Snail Charm in March, Scout Creative

Oh my goodness! How times flies and March marks the first quarter of 2012  and I am feeling a little slow like a snail trying to keep  up and stay on top of things at work, home, with friends and family and my craft and this blog! Sometimes I wish there are two of me  although I think that could be a recipe for disaster..:)

Speaking of time, I have been admiring Scout Creative’s monthly 3-D paper calendar for awhile , so much that I have recommended to another friend of mine who enjoys the cut, fold and paste action in her spare time. Each month Scout Creative comes up with the most interesting calendar designs which you can download, print and create your own 3D calendar for each month.  I like all their ideas but I do have a favourite  and mine is  last  December’s Christmas -themed  one (click on this if you want to create  some 3D nut-cracker dolls)

Otherwise give March’s  snail charm a go…without having to pick them off from your garden or plants.

Scout Creative March 2012 calendar

I am not exactly  a big fan of snails but these  paper ones  are fine and very cute especially their  facial expression.

Happy cutting,folding and pasting.

xo Rachel @ Notahati


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