DIY: Leather Lunch Tote

I bought a rotary punch hole last week from Cleggs in the city , not quite sure aside from using this equipment for a project which I had in mind to make for a friend who is expecting her first baby,  I could not think of any  other projects I could use this for (aside from punching extra holes in belts:))

But I found this fantastic tutorial  from Design Sponge for, not just any tote, a smart leather lunch tote which I am sure even a bloke wouldn’t mind carrying around, it can even be used to carry other items around aside from your lunch:) and owning a rotary punch will be handy if you want to attempt this DIY project.

Leather Lunch Tote: Design Sponge

See what I mean? rotary punch required to makes holes in  the leather so that side- flaps can sewn on (see picture below this)

Depending what colour leather you use, it can be rather masculine or feminine tote, the one on the tutorial in tan leather seems pretty good. Inspired? Go to the tutorial, (click  on tutorial ) I never tried working with leather before…this is one project definitely worth giving a go, more so if you have done leather work before.

Classy way of carrying your lunch.:Design Sponge

So much nicer than carrying your lunch in a plastic container and carrier bag…don’t you think?

Have a good crafty week ahead. 🙂 xo Rachel @NotaHati


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