Summer heat, MSO and cork bunny

Friday!!!Thank god for Fridays because it marks the end of the work week and this desk jockey felt like she’s been on a mini-marathon, putting out mini-fires /work dramas since last week. (why are some people so  freaking difficult?). I was ready pack up and run anywhere..preferably somewhere nice see mental picture below,

Me on the floor, waiting in central train station,Milan in 2010, reading Norwegian Wood 🙂

OK, that is a photo taken of me while in Milan Stazione (train station) in 2010, waiting for Mr Man.

* note: (this post was only continued on Sunday…delay due to busyness and the hot weather)*

I meant to write  a post about another topic which was supposed to have been completed on Friday but due to reasons given above, I only found some time at 9.55pm  Sunday.

Aside from trying to deal with  the heat over the weekend, which saw the mercury hit 38 C and 35 C on both days, the weekend was not too bad.  We packed a delicious  picnic on Saturday to watch the last of the  free summer concerts by the MSO (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)  and was  absolutely delighted with their  beautiful live performance under the direction of a very talented conductor Diego Matheuz.

MSO, Sydney Myer Bowl at twilight

Aside from that, I had a bit of fun creating a bunny critter out of a champagne cork which I had lying around. Imagine…this

With  some clay, felt,an old bulb vase , add some cute factor and lots of love, the humble champagne cork was transformed to this lovable cork bunny

Urban cork bunny feeling lost in the woods

I had fun creating this little is one cute cork bunny:).I will share on how to make this  when I get a new camera to replace the one I lost 😛

Here’s to hoping to a better work week. Good night.

x Rachel @Nota Hati


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