Natasha Fadeeva

Natasha Fadeeva’s toy animals  has caused quite a stir and interest  in the world of toy-makers, toy collectors and all who admire her dainty work, in fact she is pure genius in my opinion. I especially love her stuffed  mice, so  beautifully life-like  that I could not help but go “aww” when I came across her blog and admired her work.

I felt I was immediately being drawn into her story-book land and the woodland creatures that live in that world,all with their own little stories to tell.

How  I wish I could meet her and to learn how to make one  of these beautiful  cheeky little mice with their grains of rice.

Harvest by Natasha Fadeeva

Or what about this darling image of a mother mouse reading  to her baby in the cradle

Mother mouse by the cradle-Natasha Fadeeva

To become an instant fan of Natasha, go to her blog and check out her other amazing creations. One of my top favourite finds so far!

I hope the rest of your work week is a good one. On that note, this desk -jockey is trying to remember to tell herself like a mantra that all good things will come in its own time, just got to do my bit and keep on believing.

xo Rachel Hati@NotaHati


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