Daisy and Boot wishes you Happy Valentine

Daisy has been a busy girl at work  these last few days that she almost  forgot to take Boot for his first puppy class which is also on Valentine morning!

Recently  single after trying to make it work  on LDR (long-distance- relationship) with a certain boy  across the seas, Daisy decided  put on her red-hot dress (newly designed with a red heart)  which showed off her litttle waist ,matched with her red herring-boned  patterned boots, all from her favourite boutique in the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s day.

As she got ready to step out of her front door with Boot, there they were, a bunch of the most beautiful red-yellow tulips (unconventional…she thought)with a note “from your secret admirer” sitting on her door step. Flattered that she has an admirer out there, Daisy could not help but smile to herself…there were butterflies in her stomach, it felt a little like high school again as she tried to figure who send her the flowers.

Who could it be? (watch this space) 🙂

Happy Valentine to all the lovers out there (both old and new) and if you are not celebrating with anyone particular TODAY, that is ok..LOVE is meant to be celebrated everyday in your own way!

Enjoy February Daisy as much as I have making her. xoxo Rachel@NOtaHati


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