The 15-minute DIY Valentine Origami Pockets

That was how long it took me to make these 2 Valentine Origami Pockets, which involved folding the 2 origami Valentine Pockets,cut out the two illustrations ,glue andassemble the pieces, in about 15 minutes or less.  It is quite an easy project which I am quite confident even  my 8 year old niece can make in the same amount of time (or maybe add another 15 minutes more to complete both!:). These Origami Pockets stand quite well on its own on a flat surface, a nice idea if you want to surprise someone at work, school …etc

Please go to this link to retrieve both cute illustrations to stick on your origami pieces like I did and also the instructions on how to fold these Origami Pockets.

Only 4 more days to Valentine…

By the way , my apologies on the quality of my photo on this post and possible the next few ones coming as I lost my camera 2 weeks ago in a taxi (was absolutely gutted as this camera has been travelling with me to different countries in the last 4 years and I feel like I have lost my right arm.

Valentine Origami Pockets

X Rachel@ Nota Hati

At the moment I am using my phone camera to post photos on this space, which unfortunately does not always give quality photos but for now, it will have to do until I get my new camera in March.


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