Crispin Korschen

Mr Man and I went to Daylesford last Friday for a beautiful lunch to celebrate our  5th anniversary at the LakeHouse  in Daylesford, I love little get-aways like these into the country, I could just feel my whole being relaxing as the pace is  so much slower than Melbourne, and to think I used to live in KL where to be stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam is just a normal  occurrence everyday!

Our lovely 5th Anniversary Lunch at Lakehouse, Daylesford

While  we were in Daylesford,  we wondered around the shopping strip area and checked out a few art galleries , at Red Pepper Gallery   I discovered Crispin Korschen’s artworks, I simply love whimsical art, there is a certain innocence about these style of art.  I  love her work, it  uncomplicated and yet it speaks volumes , I can already see a few of her art pieces on the wall of my work room at home. Find out more about her work here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. :). Going to checkout  Minsky’s Market  this Sunday for the first time,it’s  back to the craft markets for 2012!! (woo-hoo!) . I wonder what goodies I will find? X Rachel

Image: Crispin Korschen's Full of Bunny Love

Image: Crispin Korschen's Barking and Mad


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