Skimpily Yours This Valentine :)

If you are a crafty minx with your sewing machine, loves vintage  inspired fabrics and would like to add your own version of spice to your relationship this  Valentine, here’s an craft idea from the very clever girls at  the makers Skimpy  knickers to tempt your loved one (which I am sure  will be appreciated and admired  of course) 🙂

Skimpy (image from the makersjournal.blogspot)

And if you are a bit old fashioned or a bit more conservative gal at the heart like me, you can get sewing  pattern for  Bloomers like this one:

Bloomers (image from the makersjournal.blogspot)

The sewing patterns can be bought their Etsy Store or from Lucello in the Nicholas Building. Could not resist sharing this  craft idea when I saw the pattern for sale at Lucello yesterday afternoon. Hot stuff!!:) Go check them out!

xx Rachel @NotaHati


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