January Challenge:Cheeky Summer Daisy … and introducing Boot the Mutt

Summer lovin happened so fast,Daisy and Boot down at the beach for bit of a splash

A girl of style she is,in her  happy summer dress and  bright yellow heels

 I made it!!!

Summer Daisy for January and also introducing Boot, Daisy’s little dog companion Boot the Mutt. I was starting to think that I wasn’t going to be able to make it as I have been busy  with other craft work ideas ,desk-jockey affairs, meeting up with friends, Chinese New Year, doing day trips   especially in the last two weeks!!

And boy, I am glad to have met the January challenge, admittingly  I had neglected Summer Daisy a bit due to my slight frustration  to her head flopping a lot in the last 2 weeks  as I have resized Summer Daisy and made her a little smaller than the other Quirk  and Elm but I made Boot to cheer her up!

But all the same, here she is with her little friend,sitting on her beach towel (both which I made to finish the picture) and showing off  her  legs right down to her bright yellow high heel shoes. (it is summer after all)  Not bad for my 50th post:)

And while we are talking about Chinese New Year, I hope the year of the Water Dragon brings you lots of prosperity,luck. great opportunities ,love and joy. x Rachel


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