DIY Macaron Purses

Macarons has become the new “chocolate” (figuratively speaking) and in the Melbourne CBD alone, what used to be a bit of hunt for macaron stands around the city  or the most convenient stop will be the Lindt Chocolate Bar on Collins,macaron stands have now mushroomed in various parts of the city  and the dessert tray in cafes tempting Melbournians with sweet tooth. Fortunately I have enough will-power to resist these little sweet treat..however while web-surfing yesterday, I found  another form of macaron to cute to resist!

Found this delightful craft idea from Craft Passion complete with tutorial, it is one of those  cute DIY projects that do not require the sewing machine which is great! Makes me want to seek out some polka-dot fabrics to work on this idea, once I am done with the January Daisy Doll…:)

If you like this purse idea, you might enjoy making this self-zipping purse craft  idea as well from Craft Passion. 🙂

Have a  wonderful day…crafting.

xx Rachel


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