Leoni and Vonk

During my teenaged years I used to have a fascination about lockets , probably stemmed from reading too many romantic stories about separated lovers and forbidden love and how a locket could sometimes bring  happy reconciliation…or maybe not..-_-

Anyways…to commemorate NGV’s 150th annivesary (Happy Birthday NGV) this year and also to celebrate the current art exhibition in town, Leoni & Vonk has designed a gorgeous locket which I would call “Klimt inspired”. If you are admirer of Gustav Klimt’s work, then you might want to be the proud owner of this locket.

Klimt Locket..who said that lockets were out of fashion?

Fashionable style

It’s  only Monday, I hope I helped you with your “beauty fix”..have a good work week whether at home or in the office.

Had been busy the last few days  during whatever spare time I got, Foxy Red  wil be l having a critter friends over  to celebrate a very significant occassion in August, and I am helping to organise this …
Talk later X NoTa hAti

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