Meet Foxy Red

Meet Foxy Red, took this picture with my crappy mobile phone camera   this morning rather hastily as wanted to post this picture for the friend whom I made Foxy for.

Foxy was made over the last 2 nights after dinner and  watching TV at the same time which is not a smart thing to do but I was impatient to complete this little fella.  (not recommended as felting needles are rather sharp!)

Foxy Red comes to town

I made Foxy using the dry needle felting method and I was inspired by the other  rather cute critters designed by Jenn Docherty. Check  her gallery of adorable critters dressed into  little cute outfits.

Jenn also has a book called Sweet Needle Felts, and if you are like me who has recently got hooked on dry needle felting because you can create such beautiful crafts, you should get her book for more ideas.

Another book which I really enjoyed flipping through and learned some pretty awesome techniques is I Felt Awesome by Moxie.

I am having so much fun dry felting at the moment but will be coming up with craftwork  using wet felting technique as well. Happy Felting!

x NoTa hAti 🙂


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