Winter Hype!!!, not quite


Its been a while since I did an update in this space. I wish I could find a better excuse  except…

-_- (emoticon for a bland expression)

It is smack in the middle of winter here in  chilly Melbourne and I feel a bit like a snowbound dog (like in the picture shared) but despite being on hibernation mode, I have been a busy bee scouring through newly acquired craft books and experimenting with a few craft ideas.

So in between learning the art of dry felting , cold porcelain doll-making,being a corporate slave to pay the bills,organising  home life and a little play…there hasn’t been much time. But. I will find time again as Ihave missed the space which was started as a form of therapy for me.

 I have found some pretty fine things to share about and as you will know life is about the good stuff in life!   I am also working towards to make this space a prettier one so you would want to come back more. Till then..back to the grind as I shouldn’t really be writing this during my work hours..he he.

Take care

x Nota Hati


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