Design Market Day!

Gosh! Going to the local design market at Fed Sq was quite a feat this morning . There were so many people which made it very hard to move around the stalls and look at the wares which were being displayed. However, I have been waiting for the local design market day to take place because it is a great way to find out more about the local designers and the work they design and make.

Really disappointed that I was not able to take good pictures but thought I share the pictures to give you an idea how crowded it really was.

hand weaved chairs by iman deco

FAT stall, porcelain goods from "Have You Met Ms Jones"

lots of people

beautiful ceramic work by Sandra Bowkett

I bought a Little Harvest Softie kit from Ink &Spindle stall

I had a fantastic time despite the crowd. Best discover of the day?

Watching a minute long puppet sketch through the tiny peep hole

Was discovering a new busking performance by a very talented performer/  story teller called Lana Schrwz.  How does she perform? Well you sit on the chair and peer through the peep-hole of the red box like the picture above. You put on the head-phones and Lana then puts on very personal show for that one-minute just for you.

Lana working her magic

How much do you pay? Because it is  a  busking performance, you put in Lana’s hat  what you think  her one minute’s performance is worth.

I really myself, she had me chuckling with her story  and was quite happy to pay $5 for the one-minute  show…I wanted it to go on!. The next time you happen to catch Lana, make sure you catch her show!


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