Love AJ

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun

And find your shoulders to light on

To bring  you luck, happiness and success

Today, tomorrow and beyond

≈Irish Blessing≈

(photo source: Love AJ)

Any of Love AJ’s  beautiful artwork will definitely light up a living space made in different types of paper,vintage kimonos and saris like the framed butterflies above which  you can imagine hanging in a study or a bedroom .

Not limited to just butterflies, I love her  delicate dragonfly design too and she has many more…

(photosource: Love AJ)

The talented artist  behind LoveAJ is Amber  and she shares her story which you can read about and her donations to Chrohns and Colistis Australia (CCA).

Love AJ specialises in  custom orders , each piece completely hand-made. If you looking for a present or an art-piece with a unique touch, think LoveAJ.

Looking forward to the weekend now…only one more day.



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