Skinfood for beautiful you, think Bod

I love my hot showers  at the end of the day when I feel as if every tension in my body is washed down into the drain along with the soapy water especially after a hard day of work.

But hot water is known to dry our skin and  so does Melbourne weather especially during the current cold weather which we are experiencing that I started using Bod’s Organic Sandalwood Blend Body Oil to moisturise my body.


I love how I smell after rubbing the oil unto my dehydrated body and how smooth my skin feels after applying the oil.

What I do like most about Bod’s is their philosophy of using both natural and botanical based ingredients in their range which suits my personal philosophy. Although I have not tried the rest of their range, the body oil is definitely my personal favourite pick!

If you haven’t use Bod’s products yet, I would recommend that you start with the Body Oil, you really do feel like you just had a personal message session in the privacy of your home. And by the way you can also sprinkle the body oil in your running bath.

ps: one more thing, you don’t have to worry about having to find a shop that sells these products, you can get them on-line. I hope you enjoy Bod as much as I do.

(Disclaimer: just in case if you are wondering whether I get paid to promote this product, at the moment I am not but it is a personal favourite pick which i love sharing with u)


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