Make Me Iconic

I was invited  to a house-warming party a month ago and was racking my brain on what to buy for  a couple who will be  living together for the first time.

It is always a challenge buying present for couples who just moved in together,as I usually make the safe assumption that there will be a double up of certain things(ie two toasters, irons, blenders and etc) and yet, I did not want to turn up with the cliche gift of a bottle of wine (shows the lack of thought).

So when I heard that  Magnolia Square was in town, I decided to check it out and after wandering through the many stalls, to my relief found the perfect house-warming present which I thought was a little different and also so Melbourne!

(all photosource from make me iconic)

Little  skipping Audrey, a favourite Melbourne icon on a mug with a brief explanation about her on the back.

Make Me Iconic is a brand new company that is taking an entirely new tact on designer home wares which will enable you to literally have the icons of Melbourne in your home. Such as  the tram network on your cushions

or have the Hook Turn on your tea towel

I am drinking out of my Audrey mug at the moment, why not bring that bit of Melbourne to your home too.



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