The Thing About Spooning…

I love to spoon in bed especially on cold nights and early mornings with my significant other and enjoying  the sensation of intimacy between us and if the mood becomes heightens  spooning becomes more than that….:)..(but we won’t get into that right now.

If I asked you what The  Spooning Society   is, will you think that it is a society for people who like to spoon and if you are a non-spooning sort of person, then it is not for you?

When I first  read about Spooning Society, I was intrigued  to learn that it is a new jewellery line started by two Australian artisans who takes vintage and commemorative spoons harvested from nannas and collectors around the globe (like the ones below) and converts them from thisinto quirky accessories like this:

The above piece is made of antique finish, mixed metal and silver-plated charm link bracelets with enamel and/or resin detail, with a magnetic filigree style clasp.

I probably have a few of those souvenir spoons just like this stashed in my bottom kitchen drawers given by friends or family member as mementos from holidays which I always thought were ugly and redundant BUT who would have thought they could accessories with spoons? The Spooning Society definitely has something stirring for them. Tea anyone?

While we are still on  topic of spooning, I found this funny on-line article on the different sleeping positions of couples and how you sleep in bed with your partner could tell whether relationships are going uphill or downhill.

Happy reading and hope you have a great work week ahead.


Nota Hati


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