Poem for a Bosom friend

Treasured sepia toned images of

you and me  in your little  Alfa Romeo

Long quiet drives through

the crowded streets of Kuala Lumpur

In  the nineties, we were young and free

No questions asked ,why should we?

Late Friday nights in quiet bistros

Red wine,intimate  conversations on what matters most

Fingers met with a fleeting  kiss on the lips

Days like this, who guessed  it could end?

That  stormy  afternoon we met

On the lofty heights of KLCC, we stared

Into the horizon of  grey unhappy clouds

Silently,I thought is this the begining of goodbye?

We hung in the hope , for  better days

Somehow fate won and we parted ways

Letting go of us was the hardest thing

Dared not ask but was it ever love?

Not the best poem effort but it is written for a friend whom I have known for decades and has seen me in different stages in life . I too have seen him change from an awkward boy that he was to the man he is now with many accomplishments. Like one of lines from “Seasons in the Sun” truly he has seen me”skin my heart and skin my knees” so many times

Being in different parts of the world where I now only get to see him for a few hours once a year (if I am lucky)for a catch-up really suck because for the rest of year I do not get to share with him what happens in my life or hear about his and what I miss so much is laughing with him.

He has never been the perfect friend and has dissapointed me on a few occassions but he is who he is and despite how angry I can get at him at  times, I would not trade him for anything in this world.


x nota hati


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