I wasn’t just superficially talking  when I said that craft is one of my interest and passion even thought I would not consider myself up to the level of the fine artists whose work I had the pleasure of viewing or owning. I hope to create my own label one day and am taking steps to learn from workshops and classes which I can afford.

One thing I do believe that God has given me is creativity which I now believe should be expressed and that is why I am currently praying that direction which I am seeking for will be become even more clear and while in the past I was not prepared to allow myself to be trained but I realised now that if this desire that if I wish to have this desire come to past, I should not be afraid to pray but on top of that, be prepared to humble my pride and learn.

While I laid in bed this morning as the first lights of dawn to stream into my bedroom, this thought came to my head. “If you believe I have given you the talent of creativity, shouldn’t you be like a faithful servant and invest into it?”

I think I am learning to get over the invisible chip on my shoulder about learning, heck even the great art masters such as Salvador Dali  trained and emulated the works of the greater masters before him. So what will be my excuse?

While at times I feel like I am groping in the dark with a blindfold on but I know my Father in heaven knows the desire in my heart, He has heard my prayer and in his Hands I will cast my cares.

Hesad, Nota Hati(photo by Nota Hati)


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